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  1. Sadly waaaaay too busy for airsoft. Getting out soon. tWas fun!

  2. My other ride, my "dirt" bike. Love that thing, and it can practically go through anything.
  3. Plain, clean, and very Marine: JG M16A4 Only complaint is the seal between the nozzle and the hopup. Sometimes, it absolutely sucks. Sometimes, it's awesome. I'm going to see what I can do about that. I think it may in part be the hopup unit itself. Nice overall rifle though; especially for the price.
  4. Hey Matt 4576, what operating system are you running? Looks like Vista. If it is, tell me how you get the little menu with the abbreviated icons at the bottom if you don't mind.
  5. On point, crossing the swampy puddle: Laying down cover fire: Looking to move: 'Twas a sloppy, but fun game.
  6. Very true. Just sayin'. And a serious motivational poster...
  7. Someone throws a shoe at the Commander in Chief of the United States, and you make fun of HIM? No offense, but that seems kind of...childish. Why don't we make fun of the idiot who thought he would get anywhere by throwing a shoe.
  8. Nothing special at all, but it's my first vehicle, so I'm excited. Chevy 1998 Silverado, Maroon. Bedrails, Mud tires, toolbox, and of course, Marine Corps moto stickers.
  9. Thought this was kind of an odd 'stump': Picture courtesy Urpeacekeeper.
  10. The Gerber F.A.S.T. is a $35 assisted opening knife. GREAT knife for the price. If you don't really care or want assisted opening, go with a Spyderco. Great knives as well, and you can find them fairly cheap. Someone else may be able to suggest a more specific model.
  11. No offense at all to the member who posted this picture, I just thought it was funny.
  12. More in the Marine Corps loadout thread.
  13. Nobody said they have to be funny. This one's just a Motivational poster:
  14. I've never noticed my Ka-Bar getting dull. I haven't used it a whole ton, as I've been trying to keep it nice, but I've cut a fair share, and mine hasn't dulled. There are some USMC Ka-Bar rip-offs out there that are made of pretty soft metal. Make sure they're the real ones.
  15. The whole collection. From top to bottom: -USMC Ka-Bar -SOG Field Pup -Kershaw Blur Tanto (yes, I swore to never buy a Kershaw again, but this is the first one I found that I like, and I love it) -Gerber F.A.S.T. -Buck Multi-Folder
  16. Very nice. Sexy blade there.
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