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  1. Done. While I'm in a charitable disposition, if any members with SINCERE reasons for name changes (ie 'my real name given and I wish to preserve anonymity, rather than 'I am bored of my name'), I will review and, where appropriate, change names. Please don't contact me with silly reasons as I offer no guarantee I will change.
  2. is having to sell off his rarer soviet rifles to pay for the MR2's oil leak. :

    1. Leshy


      Sell the mr2, lots of cheap ones out there without leaks.

    2. Vice


      Shame.. I hate having to let good things go to pay for necesities

    3. Banshee_Will


      Damn. You don't need a car that much....

  3. You would need to ask myself or Arnie - please make sure you have a very good reason to avoid disappointment - 'I am bored of my name' etc sadly are not considered acceptable reasons.
  4. is hitting Fireball with Team Arnies in lieu of a Morning After game this year - if you're going also look for the losers who think they're in the Nam.

    1. Bando
    2. StarMonkee


      Yeah look for Dan and crew as I don't own Nam gear *dons shades* :P

  5. As already discussed, this is an airsoft community forum that exists principally for the discussion of airsoft in its many forms. The classified section is a secondary feature for regular members. There are many countless other online sources of purchase for airsoft replicas where you would probably be better served, if your only intention in being here is to purchase a RIF. Years ago we used to allow all members, regardless of post count to participate in sales. Whilst this did wonders for the forum 'popularity' (hundreds of registrations each month), this was because the forum became use
  6. As of today (03/04/12), the following is in effect: - All Retailers / Manufacturers will be listed alphabetically to make locating a specific company easier for members. - Any company section not updated by their respective staff for a period of greater than 356 days will be closed and posts transferred to General Discussion, to ensure that members are not left with unanswered queries and to return the focus in the Retailer & Manufacturer sections to discussion of specific companies. Companies are welcome to speak to Arnie to discuss news updates / advertising rates if they wish to si
  7. has just realised he has spent 10 years working on this site, and didn't even get a single 30th birthday congrats...:|

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    2. Bando
    3. Marlowe


      I'll see you at Fireball if any of yo uare coming :)

    4. Gunman Airsoft

      Gunman Airsoft

      Happy B day matey, 30....pah.... You don't even know your born. Hope to see you in the field soon mate, been far to long! Cold war in may?....its in afghan;)

      If you fancy a drive down matey you could always pop down to tudders for the mid month filmsim on me, l be there all weekend;)

      Big wubs xx


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  8. Contribution of video reviews are excellent but there's no need for two threads on the same rifle. I'm closing this one to avoid duplicated information. Thanks.
  9. Just to confirm I axed your post count at the request of multiple staff members. Upon viewing your contributions I was somewhat disappointed to note that, while you seemed to set off on the right tact, a lot of your latter posts were unfortunately what we categorise as spam - short, 2-3 word replies that offered little to take the discussion in the threads you were responding to any further. While I appreciate the 100 post limit can be frustrating for new members, it's there as a necessity. As the rules state, spamming in order to reach it is not considered acceptable. For that reason
  10. I'm afraid not - the (8 year) is in parenthesis, indicated a subordinate clause. The main subject of the sentence that the indefinite article refers to has an initial consonant; hence there is no need for an. Good effort though.
  11. It's a (8 year) tradition. Given that I am an English Lecturer, we're well aware of the grammatical error. Thanks though.
  12. Just to confirm; with the new site skin and the easier ability for members to track the name history of others, we will now change display names (and only display names) so long as a valid reason is given. Please note that final decision on whether to change rests with us - 'I am bored of my name' is not a valid basis. To anyone I've said no (in my unique friendly way ) to previously, if you feel you have a good case to do so, please drop me or Arnie a line with your reasoning and your desired name. Please also make sure your name is in use to speed up the process.
  13. Forum is displaying fine in Chrome for me (latest version / Windows 7 X64 @ 1920x1200).
  14. Now back in the UK.

    1. faramon


      Welcome back, we saved some rain for you.

  15. Et in arcadia ego.

    1. cazboab


      Tu praesens non Hominem, Tu praesens non!

  16. Mosin Nagant M44Carbine Review Many thanks to Airsoftpanda.com for providing a review sample of this gun for this official Arnies review. Please note that excellent highly detailed independent reviews of this rifle can be seen by visiting the Member's M44 Carbine review thread. The WW2 Airsoft scene is a rapidly expanding one at present.In the UK alone numerous WW2 events of note (including the excellent eventsoffered by Gunman Airsoft) are becoming common-place. Sadly though scenariosgenerally have faced limitation in the past due to the limited range of
  17. I have no idea what a chumbucket is but hello back to you.

  18. Out of interest, is everyone happy with the 100 post requirement for sales? What is the experience of users, now that it has been in place for a few years? Would a reduced postcount requirement to access sales be preferable or bring a return to fraudulent users?

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    2. jal3


      It's a horrendeus limit! I think it should be changed to 75 posts!

    3. LeeBristolAirsoft


      I think it's too much personally. 50/75 would be better. I definitely see the need for it. But it does penalise good sellers and makes it less active then it could be.

    4. cafemondo


      its fine, its long enough that you show you are definitely a board contributor and youre also a serious skirmisher, its also good from a security point of view, by the time youve reached 100 posts youre pretty well entrenched here, youre known and trusted to a point, it makes the sales area a much better secure and safe trading area than many of the free for all piles of shid that are on the internet, havent been here for a while, coming back to an old friend

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  19. Anyone know where I can source some TM 1911 mags for? Also, any recommendations on G&P compatible 20 round style M16 mags?

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    2. Habakure


      how'd that happen? Sorry about that, didn't mean to leave the same comment twice.

    3. hwagan


      LWA has VN 110 rounders; Think they're about £12.

    4. Marlowe


      Nice one guys - Habakure; think the forum had another fart. *sigh*

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  20. I have done it. I've put the RPK and all its bits on sale. End of an era. :(

    1. renegadecow


      So what's coming after?

    2. Marlowe


      Nothing. :( I'm slowly downsizing my soviet kit down to a bare minimum, and I have pretty much all of the nam kit I need. :)

  21. resolves to sell the legendary RPK & all accessories after lengthy personal debate. :(

    1. Bando


      you will miss it the moment its gone


    2. DarkMM


      Part of me wants you to stop - the rest of me thinks "Hmmm Marlowe's RPK accessories..." :D

    3. TheFull9


      Let's be honest, a stock CYMA AK will probably work more consistently, so it does make sense.


      Can't wait for the eventual buyer to instantly fix the thing and make it work flawlessly...

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  22. Attention all new skin haters: the forum skin can be reset to previous skins by clicking on the 'Skin and Language' link at the bottom of the thread. Also, kindly stfu. Thanks. :P

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    2. FireKnife


      Well as i said, the lock out thing is a mystery and it was only the old skin that did it. That is something i can't fault anyone on here for.

    3. Mike_West


      All I'm gonna say is that the lack of that floaty bar on the bottom is most confusing, but apart from that it all still feels like home.

    4. TheFull9


      Agree with above, everything else is great and I appreciate the work that's gone in to it, but not having the bar at the bottom anymore feels a step backwards since now you have to scroll back to the top of the page every time.

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  23. My old Lian Li was too warm for my current I7 & gtx 570 setup, so I bought a 902. Wasn't too fussed about the pvc window or the leds, but it is admittedly a very good (and well designed case). It also means that my old AMD 4400 & 8800gtx system is rebuilt downstairs as a HTPC.
  24. I have an excellent idea: MORNING AFTER LOANS. My rates are very reasonable... Seriously gutted if you can't come but I understand. As a teacher I can hardly say education doesn't take priority. Even if you are placing it above my events....
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