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  1. Setting off two Enola Gaye MK5s at MA 6.5 to blow up my fellow moderators in the 'forum wars' game - First one died. Second one I through out of a window at the moderator team. It hit a branch, got caught in the tree, exploded and then I got shot to *suitcase*. :|
  2. is quite stoked that former MA legends are coming to MA7. Planning some fun games!


    1. Shriven



    2. TheFull9


      I really do wish I could take it all back...

    3. DarkMM


      Well at least we won't hear you scream when it all goes wrong

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  4. Sorry chaps, server people busy investigating what went wrong *this* time.

    1. Banshee_Will


      I was running up the walls. I had to go on to Z1, What alot of drivel.........

    2. FireKnife


      Yeh i think Z1 gve me herpes, and chlamidiya, and the rest.

    3. Banshee_Will


      Chlamydia the gift that keeps on giving.......

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  5. Feels bitterly disappointed by Crysis 2. Now back to real life.

  6. is back, with a newfound sense of hatred for Belgium's road networks and most of its road users.

  7. Both are good ideas. Hwagen's would be more practical though, as a section with 30k+ members with a thread for each would be unusable. The main issue with it is that it would require a dedicated moderator with that a specific duty. Obviously it's not going to be a popular role, so we'd have consider who was appropriate.
  8. Away for 2 weeks (1 week spain, 1 week driving hol to der nurbergring). Contact other staff for help if required.

    1. Shriven



  9. As above, this one is down to Arnie, the site owner.
  10. That's really one for Arnie to consider, as the new rep system was integrated into the new forum software.
  11. Marlowe

    Morning After 7

    Yes, there's another one! After the hilarity had by all at 6.5 in March, another edition of the only Arnies weekender has been scheduled for the summer due to popular demand, and booking is now open! As always Morning After is a fun-orientated weekender where the emphasis is on socialising and shooting, airsoft and alcohol (though not necessarily in that order!). This time, due to numerous requests, MA is OPEN to all Arnies members, so you have no excuse for not coming if interested! Location: Gunman Suffolk (Formerly RAF Tuddenham) Dates: Friday 05/08/11 @ 1500 - Sunday 07/08/
  12. Apologies for spamming the forum in advance. Just keen to tackle the 'you don't promote MA enough' criticism. :D

    1. StarMonkee
    2. TheFull9


      Dude, you spammed it plenty for the last one, no criticisms here. It's your joint, cook us all some nice spam on toast but do it EpicMealTime style, that's what I say.

  13. Just got new prescription shades. B-) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

    1. Shriven


      I bet they're great big old man ones.

    2. PianoBlack
    3. L4byr1nth


      I got some new shades for my Egypt jolly. Had to be Ray Ban Aviators. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!



  14. Has managed to get MA7 booking open - cheers to Misfit for help with the e-payment system!

    1. Misfit


      I attend for free now. The form does it automatically.



  15. I'll mention it to Arnie but I think it's not a priority right now. At the moment the main concern is the random instabilities.
  16. 12 hour shift after MA 6.5 = >_

  17. 12 hour shift after MA 6.5 = >_

  18. Away for the weekend running MA. Try not to destroy the place while I'm gone!

  19. M16s and a new mouse. My birthday has come early!

  20. I did think it must be your settings to be honest - glad it is sorted.
  21. Chrome also I'm afraid. I'll have a look into it - I'm a bit puzzled to hear it's not working.
  22. I do use the default skin with the identical monitor (same size and resolution), and it's there. I'm unsure why yours isn't.
  23. M29 is now MA ready: chronoing at 315 on H134A! Looking forward to shooting people in the *albartroth* with it again! :D

    1. DarkMM


      Another M29? How long should I wait for this one? ;)

    2. hwagan


      Don't suppose you've got any tips on getting some respectable level of accuracy out of the things?

  24. Sandstorm: I'm afraid not. When you get to the 'Weapon' subsection and go into a thread, you can return to the parent section simply by pressing the 'Weapon' tab in the bottom bar. If you cannot see this bar, this is likely due to the resolution of your screen. At 1920x1200 it displays fine with plenty of space for further levels.
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