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  1. Totally oddball suggestion, which is probably horrendous to implement, but perhaps we could have a little global map where members could volunteer to mark their location? Not down to a street level, but perhaps on a general national / perhaps even regional level? I just think it would be interesting to show how varied the membership is on here, and to help organise meetings with players in similar areas who may not post as often as some *ahem* people. As I said just an idea..
  2. BUT BUT BUT! IT LOOKS GOOD! Good point, though I guess. I suppose I was being selfish and picturing having to be on the same team as him at AG2005....
  3. I STILL reckon you should put the bipod back on the SG1....
  4. Well, I know every man and his dog has one, but I uploaded this anyway for a friend so feel free to have a look at my very ordinary AK..... I'm currently trying to come up with a slightly less ordinary sidearm to go with it...I'm trying to cultivate the guerilla look...All suggestions greatly received...
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