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  1. I've had a lot of requests recently for a carbine picture thread, so here it is. For clarification - by 'carbine' we will, for arguments sake, take it to mean any pistol based airsoft replica which utilises an extended body / stock. This includes the most recent wave of FPG and HERA variants as well as older variants such as the M712 Carbine. Basically, if it's not quite a pistol any longer but also not quite a SMG / Assault Rifle, it probably belongs here...
  2. There are two photographs used for your account. One is your avatar and is displayed when you post on the forums. The other is your profile picture (set by editing your profile) and is used when members view your profile or when status updates are posted. You have currently set an avatar but not a profile picture. Go to your profile and add a photograph to resolve. Generally pictures should be 100x100.
  3. has just found a close female friend has been involved in a serious road accident this evening and is in emergency surgery. If anyone wants to argue with staff for the next few days, it is suggested you look elsewhere.

    1. L4byr1nth


      Thoughts are with you Dan.



    2. Chrissyg


      Dan, that's terrible news, thoughts are with you and her family.

    3. Marlowe


      Thanks. She's finally out of hospital on crutches after a lot of surgery. She's scarred for life but she can at least still walk. Cheers for all of the sypathy. :)

  4. Managed to get his boiler working at 1am. Tired but warm. :)

  5. It's context specific. Necro-posting per se is not prohibited but as with all posts there is an expectation that they will at least be vaguely productive. Posts as Elrey referred are clearly spam and so leave the poster open to the usual consequences. Anyway, back on topic... This week: a) My boiler broke. My house is freezing and I have no hot water. My car was resprayed for minor accident damage (a woman reversed into the front of my car). Within a day I have stone chips due to another woman overtaking me dangerously. c) The new graphics cards for my pc not only didn't work bu
  6. has just had a woman reverse into his car at the petrol station. :|

    1. evansy


      Doesn't surprise me. I once had a woman back out of a parking bay into my car and I'd only been stopped behind her since before she got into her car.

    2. Marlowe


      The worst bit is she had reverse parking sensors on her car. >_

    3. evansy


      That explains it. She was probably too distracted by the bleeping to actually look where she was going.

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  7. has just had a woman reverse into his car at the petrol station. :|

    1. RiflemanJerry


      Women drivers. Tut Tut.

  8. Has just been cheered up by the arrival of his 1970 M69 Flak Vest. :)

  9. I've also noticed this happening sporadically. What browser are you using and does it happen mainly in quick reply / post or in full also?
  10. has just been busy tidying up the rules to hopefully make General and Sales rules clearer. Please drop me a line with feedback. :)

  11. Arnies is 10 today. Happy birthday!

  12. MA Veteran Banner Now Up. Visit MA forum for details. N1 Misfit :D

  13. Would it be more helpful if members had a list of areas which contribute towards the post count? I can get one produced at the weekend.
  14. Yep. We've said this lots before but just to confirm, if you DO have 100 posts, and DO NOT have access to the sales section, it means you are one of the few people who have not posted in an area which INCREASES your post count since the rule was implemented 2 years ago. To get access simply POST WHERE YOUR POST COUNT WILL INCREASE - THIS INCLUDE AREAS LIKE GENERAL DISCUSSION OR HERE. Please remember to make sure ALL posts on the forum are productive and positive. This community exists to benefit all, not to serve as a depository for inane (that is what offtopic is for!)
  15. As requested, post your pictures from the event here.
  16. Due to the popular demand, I'm pleased to announce the latest fun-orientated Arnies event! MA weekenders are small community-driven events that focus on fun, Arnies-themed games. Games will involve woodland, urban and night games with a range of different games throughout the weekend - see the previous event sections for more information of the types of games seen. The event is a regulars-themed event but non-regulars are also welcome - contact me for more information. As this is not a sim weekend, any dress code / weapons are welcome - the only restrictions we have are that w
  17. until
    Operation Morning After 6.5: The Madness Continues A small-scale Arnies-themed event offered by Arnies regulars for Arnies regulars. Urban, Woodland and Night games with the emphasis on fun over milsilm (walting is permissible as long as you have a sense of humour!) All regulars & friends welcome! Come to associate faces with names, drink with them, and then shoot them lots! Contact Marlowe for more information or look here. Hope to see you there!
  18. I'm still not sure why it was returned, I'll admit. Sorry - jury's out on this one for me.
  19. I was surprised that we ever had it back after the debacle last time, but I'll go with the flow.
  20. Please hold. The forum stasi will be sending an unmarked car to your house shortly. Also, see my previous comment. If you have an issue with individuals, take it up with them in PM or report it to forum staff.
  21. My rant for today? The keyboard warriors who take a friendly airsoft forum and feel that, just because they're not conversing in real life, they can act like arses, thus ruining the atmosphere that a lot of people work hard to maintain. Just to clarify, this thread will die the moment you kids start to use it for scoring interweb points against each other. Arnies isn't about that; please find another forum if you want to massage your delicate egos.
  22. You are hardly flying the flag for atheism as the chosen belief system of intellectuals with comments such as these, my friend.
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