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    VFC HK416D10 w/
    Systema Gears
    Systema Wiring to Rear
    Systema Anti-Reversal Latch
    Systema Cut Off Lever
    G&P White Piston
    TM EG1000
    CA Type 0 Cylinder+Cylinder Head+Nozzle
    CA Metal Ported Piston Head
    Promy 300mm
    Guarder SP130
    Guarder Bearing Spring Guide
    Systema Bearings
    King Arms Hop Up Chamber
    Systema Bucking

    CA M1514 SPR (pre-price drop) w/
    Systema M16 Bore Up Kit
    Crane Stock
    Promy 509mm

    CYMA AKS74UN w/
    Element Gears
    Guarder Infinite Torque Up Motor
    Element Piston+Piston Head
    Element Metal Bushings
    Systema Bucking

    16 MAG HK Marked 130rnd Mids
    5 MAG AK74 Bakelite 100rnd Mids

    Hot Power 11.1v 15C Lipo for HK416 & SPR
    Elite 9.6 1500mah NIHM for AKS74UN

    G&P 4x ACOG on HK416 & SPR
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  1. sigmaboy


    sorry, but it will. My G&G SOPMOD/SOCOM stock is quite heavy, but i like it. puts more weight in the back of the gun. i cant speak for the SOCOM GEAR version, but id assume its about the same weight.
  2. sigmaboy


    ive been tweaking it a bit, and right now its probably doing about 410ish fps with all stock parts, other than a new hop up chamber an bucking. its getting about 210' range as of now, and i havent even began to start throwing money at it. its getting pretty much gutted soon. Guarder Infinite Torque Up Gears Element Half tooth piston G&P M160 motor SP140-150 edGI 6.01 or Promy 6.03 KA hop up chamber systema bucking SCS nub AB Mosfet 11.1v Lipo *Maybe* the AJAX STS i think im gonna sell the systema bore up kit, im not positive yet, but if anyones interested, throw me a PM. if its getting 210' range now, i cant wait to see what happens once its shooting 500fps and with a tightbore.
  3. sigmaboy


    dont worry, my parade already got rained out. someone else informed me that the new CA 7mm gearboxes come with the ribbed cylinders. i have a systeam bore up kit lying here, but the CA one gets surprisingly waaay better compression. so im leaving that in there for now.
  4. sigmaboy


    classic army M15A4 SPR with crane stock. i was told it was all stock CA, but he shipped with the upper and lower receiver separated so itd fit in the box. and i notice the cylinder is an silver/chrome, ribbed cylinder. all the ribbed cylinders ive seen are bore up cylinders, so i guess it isnt stock CA, which im perfectly fine with the hop up is broken though. ill try swapping a few parts with some spare chambers i have lying around, but im planning on getting a new chamber anyways. the fps is great, ROF leaves quite a bit to be desired, and the range is poo right now because of the hop up. but the externals are amazing, no wobbes at all. its not quite a DMR yet. im gonna bump it up to 500fps and make it semi auto, and get a big *albatross* scope. but until then, this will have to do....
  5. sigmaboy

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    same game plasticmag posted about a couple threads up. It rained the ENTIRE time, and ive never had more fun in my life. Plastic put together the whole game and it was truly amazing.
  6. sigmaboy

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    these are just various pics of me at various games/OPs. some of these are rather old, but w/e

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