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  1. Not mine, but check these pics of a ZEKE full metal KSC P230 (borrowed from a current auction on Yahoo Japan). I'd give my right nut for one of these!
  2. Clockwork_O you've got a really nice collection there! Here's my two 1911's:
  3. I picked up a Smith & Wesson plastic case to hold my Shorty .40 in style:
  4. Time for a group shot I think .
  5. I've got one with the silver SD slide (its a matt almost white finish), Hurricane recoil spring, and TN barrel (not got around to fitting it yet). Its a lovely gun. Don't expect TM or WA performance but its not too shabby.
  6. Still not finished with it, but heres my Glock 19c with straight frame and Shooters Design 19c slide.
  7. Almost everything should fit without a problem, however the recoil spring bushing may be a different shape and not fit the metal frame (this was the case when I tried to put Magna-Tech Series 70 internals in a SCW2 slide). Also I think the sights are molded to the slide on all Magna-Techs. This shouldn't matter as long as the kit comes with its own .
  8. After being told off for posting my Shorty .40 in the 1911 thread I found this one. Certainly deserves to be revived anyway .
  9. Wait... that not a 1911. Is it? No, although in my defence I didn't know where else to put it. And is that a fill valve as the mag release? No.
  10. Very nice hitman . Here's my new toy: Boomarms Prime Shorty .40 but with the two-tone slide swapped for a silver one.
  11. Love the equinox look HBC. Does the bare metal need treating with something to stop it tarnishing, or does it hold up pretty well without? Here's some pics of my P226 as I just got a Creation silver barrel. I'm not very impressed with the silver finish as it looks kind of dappled up close like its painted on.
  12. I've got a HW P229 and the difference in appearance, feel, and weight make it a better choice. The heavier slide also improves the blowback effect slightly. Unfortunately I don't think the HW P228 is in stock anywhere, otherwise I would have bought that one instead.
  13. Not a 1911, but this is probably the best place for it: Shorty .40 courtesy of Vektor:
  14. I’ve always really liked the P228 and where airsoft is concerned there’s really only one option. As such I ended up buying the Tanaka Works P228 so I figured I would write a brief review, as there aren’t many others around. Picture of box & contents: The gun comes in typical Tanaka packaging. Gun, magazine, manual, small bag of bb’s, hop and magazine adjustment tools all housed in a polystyrene tray with a simple cardboard lid. The packaging isn’t as swanky as the newer TM or KSC guns but it does its job. Also it’s a nice touch that the box lid design is a copy of the
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