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  1. I am assuming its a KSC suppressor shroud, as it looks exactly like the KSC suppressor shroud availible on WGC. And yes, it enables you to hold onto the suppressor on the real deal. KSC/KWA and I use propane. Custom extended inner barrel (about 220mm) 150% recoil spring hi-flows in the two magazines Traded an EOtech for it.
  2. My new angry-minority toy . Needs to be tweaked, as it shoots hard enough to punch through the bottom of a soda can and still has enough force to go through the top.. I shall call him...Edwardo.
  3. sp00n


    They are, that is not a WA slide. I'm guessing its Prime or PGC.
  4. Yep, although I only remember paying $15 for it, so it may be a King Arms one. I don't really remember. Either way, its got brass threads in the base instead of the stupid plastic threads, and its solid, so I'm happy.
  5. Its raining outside. My deck is outside.
  6. Props to Ledpocket for help with the bolt catch.
  7. Boy, that all black M93 with the compensator sure does look familiar. Did you ever get it working properly?
  8. KSC Glock17 1024x768 http://www.filefarmer.com/sp00n155/airsoftpics/g172.jpg KSC M93R 732x522 http://www.filefarmer.com/sp00n155/airsoftpics/m93r4.jpg Modified M4 1024x768 http://www.filefarmer.com/sp00n155/airsoftpics/m48bg.jpg At some point or another these were my backgrounds. May take a while to load cause FileFarmer sucks.
  9. Frame and slide are stock. Only things I've added: 150% Hammer spring 150% Recoil spring w/ new bushing 6.04mm KM inner barrel Real steel grips
  10. My bigass red blanket. Probably the warmest blanket known to man. Its very nice, probably the best M9 made. Shame there arent many parts made for it. And yes, it handles HFC22/Propane just fine.
  11. sp00n


  12. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  13. The first drawing looks very similar to a P90 subgun conversion someone did to a Mac11 a long, long time ago. I wish I could remember what he called it so I could find it again.
  14. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

    One of only 2 or 3 pictures of me that actually exist.
  15. Hynundai specs straight from their website, I'm using the 4cy because its lighter, and all ricers think anything light=uberfast, so here we go: Tiburon Curb weight: (2898/-/2972) HP: 138@6000 TQ: 136@4500 (lol) My truck: (1992 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/ a little 4.3 V6 5spd) Curb weight: 3542 / 3734 195@4600 353@2800 Now anybody that has passed the 2nd grade can clearly tell that my truck is not 1 and 1/2 times the weight of your rice rocket. The substantial differences in HP/TQ make up for the weight before I even start bolting parts onto it. Now onto benc
  16. For the amount of money you'd drop on that ###### box to run a 10 second 1/4, I could make my pick-up truck 3x faster. Guaranteed.
  17. No. I built it from parts myself, Ill be damned if I let RW touch one of my guns.
  18. Zeke CNC milled aluminum slide.
  19. Both pistols in this picture are right at about $500.
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