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  1. I did, didnt add a whole lot to FPS. Groupings were increased minimally, range increased by about 10-15%. Tightbore barrels are only really effective with FPS upgrades if you ask me. Ive just been to lazy to upgrade it any farther.
  2. China and Hong Kong share different laws, airsoft is illegal on mainland China, but is 100% legal in Hong Kong.
  3. Hes in Japan. More pictures less talk.
  4. Theyre okay. If you keep them lubed up they usually dont have any problems. Only filling them with about 90 rounds helps alot too.
  5. 8 G&P M4 midcaps 1 TM M4 standard 6 TM M14 standards 2 KSC Glock17 mags 4 KSC M9 mags 1 King Arms 40mm shell 1 Mosquito Molds 40mm shell 3 CA870 mags (come on G&P hurry up with those awesome flush mags for it, these things are goofy!) I plan on getting at least two more M14 standards and probably two or three more M4 mags.
  6. What kind of rail system was that before you chopped it? Ive been looking for a nice RIS+receiver rail but all Ive been able to come up with is that uberbulky SIR system..
  7. sp00n


    The MP5N in the airsoft world would just be an MP5A5 with a flashight foregrip. Why not browse the massive "Post pictures of your MP5s" thread instead of clogging up the forums with this.
  8. Nope, the two mags are not interchangeable.
  9. No sir, that scope is not big enough. [/sarcasm]
  10. I dont really know where to put this, so Ill put it here: I just received my Prometheus 6.03mm inner barrel (509mm/M16 length) and it requires a slight modification to fit the M14; The Prometheus barrel is about 4-5mms longer at the rear of the barrel, and the slots where the hopup clamps onto the barrel are thus put 4-5mms farther up than the stock barrel. If you plan on installing a barrel not meant for the TM M14, youll have to notch out some slots on the side of the barrel. Not very difficult if you know what your doing. For those unsure of what Im rambling about, heres
  11. Look at all the delta/ranger wannabes!
  12. Whatd you do to the poor M14? I shall now hold a memorial service for what was once a fine rifle.
  13. There is a "pistol" style AR15 receiver/buffer tube that allows a flat rearend. I doubt any airsoft companies make one though.
  14. Looking good, maybe a deeper shade of OD though, looks a little bright/neony.
  15. Even if you dont agree with swearing the "fruitcage" thing is just childish. Sometimes I wonder if Im on a sesame street forum..
  16. Using the F word just adds so much emphasis to your point though..
  17. Nothing really special, just an aimpoint.
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