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  1. I had alot of people asking me if the M14 was "big", so heres your comparison.
  2. Can we please get rid of the mickey mouse "fruitcage" thing. Its really just lame. Prehaps just a **** or *beep* or something. For anyone thats currently high, Im talking about the censor word for the "F" word.
  3. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  4. Looks like your Cardboard-AR15 suffers from the CS syndrome, where all the worky bits are on the left side instead of the right [edit= took out the pictures, sorry]
  5. Nay!! looks fine just like it is. The EOtech looks real nice on there too. Can you still use the irons with that mount?
  6. Inner barrel is 500mm. Closest aftermarket barrel I can find right now is the M15 length, at 509mm. Someone has already released a 6.05mm barrel for it, but I cant find it in any HK stores, plus Id rather have a 6.03mm barrel. Im sure it wont be another month before theres a massive parts explosion for this gun.
  7. Just about any gunshop will have them I bet. I just happened to have a set in my parts bin. If you cant get to a gunshop in your area, try www.gunbroker.com or ebay.
  8. (yay no more lame KSC grips, scavenged some RS grips out of my parts bin) Took a terrible picture and made it interesting with photoshop.
  9. Spend the extra money and get the VFC 870. Much, much better than the Maruzen version.
  10. VFC CA870 w/ G&P metal folding stock and "medium" barrelset. Ill take better pictures when I have more free time.
  11. VFC CA870 w/ G&P metal folding stock and "medium" barrelset. Ill take better pictures when I have more free time.
  12. A month? EOtech gets sold in ~3 weeks, 249 will either break or will have something go wrong during an attempted upgrade and will be sold in 2-3 weeks. I HAVE SPOKEN! ::disapears in a big cloud of smoke::
  13. Thats the last time the M870 will be seen with that short of a barrel
  14. sp00n

    Pics of pics

  15. No the "hicappa" is completely made up and is not a replica of anything in particular. If by "fantasy colt 1911" you mean very expensive 2011 race pistol, then yes.
  16. I say get rid of the stupid photos section and force the use of the gallery.
  17. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  18. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  19. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  20. KSC M9 w/ Blackhawk CQC holster I would of had Houge grips on it too, but the local place was out of stock
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