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    From the album: sp00n!

  2. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  3. Already been done: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=20675
  4. Oh, right. 2 1/2 weeks and itll require mild modifcation to make it work properly.
  5. What will it be, Enzo? Two, maybe three days before I find this in the forsale section?
  6. Thanks. Its been raining in North Alabama for the last 3-4 days, other than that, no. Cant say I like it very much, looks like a springer and has serious gas consumption issues.
  7. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n

  8. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n

  9. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n

  10. Alright Im done contributing to this, but before I go.. The trailblazer and blazer are two different things, which is why I corrected you. Trailblazer Blazer
  11. Want to keep going? Fine. Whats your proof? Ive been pulled out by jeeps all the time, and I have a fullsized Chevy 1500. And yes, it was almost always a stock Jeep. So you just told me I didnt know what I was talking about, then agreed with me? Wow, your not to bright are you. The Chevy Blazer (NOT trailblazer) is exactly that, a smaller, more compact SUV. It makes an absolutely amazing off roading platform. Dont belive me? Go to any offroading forum, theres about a million people running these rigs and swear by them. The IRS system proh
  12. Talking to yourself again I see? Anyone who knows anything about off roading is not going to suggest a Sport Trac to go play in the dirt with.
  13. Kid, this statement alone completely proves you know NOTHING of what your talking about. The weak IRS system makes it a terrible off-road platform. It was designed with city driving soccer moms in mind, not off roading, even though Ford would like you to belive it. The ONLY good SUV's for any sort of off roading are the Chevy Blazer (fullsize) and the fullsized Ford Bronco. And the whole "a jeeps never going to rescue a Ford" BS is complete fanboy nonsense. My advice to you is to go back to playing with your RC cars before you dig yourself any deeper.
  14. The search button needs to be much bigger and placed right next to the Post New Thread button.
  15. sp00n

    M4/M16-203 pics

    Armalite thread? Anyone? Anyone?
  16. Will be selling in 10-minus; 10...
  17. Lets see if Enzo keeps this one for longer than a week.
  18. SunProject, it comes with that heat shield. You can always spot a SP launcher for the mirror like finish of the barrel/grip Im so glad I painted mine flat black.
  19. You can easily get an AR-15 for less than $800US.
  20. Ooohkay, you keep telling yourself that. Whatever lets you sleep at night.
  21. I rest my case here. When Ford figures out how to make something even half as good as this, let me know. Cause it wont be any time soon. (edit: before some bafoon comes crashing in going "THATS TEH MOTOR FOR THE CORVETTE LOLO" the same motor is in the GTO, just with different deco-valve covers.)
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