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  1. Looks like the shoulderpads are just too long. Why don't you give a try hacking them down?
  2. How's this, does the wear look authentic?
  3. So my stock hammer broke last night (the one that is pictured). Does anyone know where I could pick one up stateside? Or even better, does anyone have a stock oval hammer they want to sell me?
  4. Hey guys, I just got the slide from this kit, PGC MEU(SOC): And none of the Novak rear sights I have fit in the slot. How awesome is that... Anyways, does anyone know where I can source a rear sight that can fit into this kit?
  5. Here I am kindly suggesting a place for my teammates to move.
  6. So I've been looking everywhere trying to locate just a metal slide for my WA Kimber, they seem to be OOS everywhere. Where are you guys sourcing your slides? I'm not looking for both the slide and frame right now.
  7. Where can I find a sight mount for the 74? I've been having trouble at all the big airsoft retailers.
  8. Anyone have or handled the IBH replica from Ehobbyasia? I'm looking for a helmet without breaking the bank.
  9. This sounds nice, but do you have a scale to weigh the gun? Also, by front heavy, how front heavy do you mean?
  10. See, when I bought my gun I didn't take into account a special NSF (Navy SEAL factor). By the way, stuff costs money, mirite?
  11. Left and right it's pretty balanced, I don't keep much in the utility usually. On the other hand, I have a hard time getting the balance right on my shoulders and chest. It feels like most of the weight is on my chest (front heavy), until I fill up my hydration bladder, which evens things out a little bit.
  12. Pictures were taken by my cellphone, so the colors are a bit washed out. The gear is a lot darker in person. Goes great with woodland or desert.
  13. Finally got some goodies today. 2nd Line TT MAV + X-Harness in Tan 2x Quad AR15 Mag Pouch 1x PPM Double Pistol Pouch 1x Zippered Horizontal Utility 1x Hydration Carrier 1x SAW Pouch 1st Line Blackhawk Duty Belt 1x Eagle SAS MKIV-Airborne Holster 1x Dump Pouch /w Drawstring
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