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  1. so i have a problem with my we scar. i read through the past 7 pages and i dont think the problem has occured yet. so heres the problem. the hammer engages but will not hit the valve to shoot the bb. i took the lower out and inserted the mag to see how the hammer engages. it seems as if the hammer doesnt even hit the valve at all. it hits maybe 1mm higher than where the valve sits. i reversed the hammer pin so it will hit the valve and it worked, but it shoots like a pea shooter. it gets maybe like less than 200fps. and wont blowback. anyone else have this problem?
  2. m4 fits im using a systema right now i think inner barrel is a mp5 length? 209 or 229mm i think?
  3. no way...? tightbore? mines not that accurate... i cleaned it put a systema hop up chamber, prommy strike chamber, ics bucking, element h nub and its putting like a 3 feet spread at 60 feet i guess i do have to take in the fact that the barrel is pretty small but even my stock jg mp5 was more accurate... hm... o well
  4. your gun is going to blow up soon good luck.
  5. i have something to add to this... make sure to not mess around with the selector switch too much. the gears that move will screw up the left side spur gear bearing. i couldnt move my selector switch last night playing so i just thought it was the gears that were misaligned but i just finished fixing the problem which i found out the bearing just "exploded." its funny tho it still shot fine and didnt even sound like anything was wrong with it. i have a feeling that this will be a common problem... here are whats in my kac: element hispeed element polycarb piston shortstroked 2 tee
  6. bad news... well sorta... usps was going to drop off the package today but no one was home... so i gotta go pick it up at the post office tommorow right before work. *sigh* i already have a gearbox shell waiting to be built for this bad boy. its already replacing my 30+rps ics stubby. throwing a 8mm gearbox, element hispeeds with probably 2 teeth shaved off. and maybe a gp120. if the element gears give out i think i might try the kingarms super highspeeds
  7. ^ i cant wait to get mine in! less than 2 weeks!
  8. so since the selector switch mechanism looks similiar to the scar and the sig how would one go about taking out the gearbox? i know on the sigs and the scars the lowers are plastic so you can pry the plastic out a bit to separate the gears to pull out the gearbox. but since this is metal im kinda stumped...
  9. awesome mines coming in 2 weeks from rsov.
  10. awesome seller, items came quickly!

  11. lol, thanks for your very good comment in my sale thread.

    I guess it's true that peoples true IQ shows in everything...

  12. havent posted here in a while but this was my latest project that i just sold a couple of weeks ago. i posted on the classifieds but apparently no one really was interested... so off to ebay it went. i was planning on going outdoor more often so i decided to make an outdoor gun... but then i got my vw gti so i gotta stop focusing on airsoft.
  13. heres my jg m733 that i changed into a cqb... ive changed everything in it except the gearbox shell, semi cut off lever, and selector plate. it has around 1k in it give or take. ill try and get more pics next weekend since im at the dorms now.
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