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    ICS Olympic Arms m4 a1*RIP*,gb m733, Echo1 Mp5 PDW, WE hi capa 5.1, KWC m9 gas blowback*RIP*, WE 1911 tactical, KWA USP, condor plate carrier, full dutch bdu
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  1. maxxxmonster

    WE SCAR Review

    so i have a problem with my we scar. i read through the past 7 pages and i dont think the problem has occured yet. so heres the problem. the hammer engages but will not hit the valve to shoot the bb. i took the lower out and inserted the mag to see how the hammer engages. it seems as if the hammer doesnt even hit the valve at all. it hits maybe 1mm higher than where the valve sits. i reversed the hammer pin so it will hit the valve and it worked, but it shoots like a pea shooter. it gets maybe like less than 200fps. and wont blowback. anyone else have this problem?
  2. awesome seller, items came quickly!

  3. lol, thanks for your very good comment in my sale thread.

    I guess it's true that peoples true IQ shows in everything...

  4. maxxxmonster

    We need backup fire !!! Blue got shot !!

    its funny how u guys look like ur playing and yet u dont have eye protection on

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