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  1. Actually, Rangers have been using Block II M4s more and more exclusively.

    And sorry, I'll recheck for a Ranger thread, lol.


    True, they could because they get the same toys as US SF. Do you have pics of Rangers with B2 M4's?

  2. @ Snowman1: you might want to post your Ranger load-out in the Ranger thread, we do have that. Some suggestions: try some OD flight gloves and you might want to stick with the regular M4 for your Ranger set-up. I haven't seen too much SOPMOD B2 M4 RIS II pics on Rangers, just on US SF. Try a replica Surefire Scout light or M3X on your M4 too. (SF M951 & M961 are heavy) Good luck.

  3. nice to see ya back hispeed, things have been quiet around these parts with out you (no homo!)


    Aww, thanks man, haha. I haven't been on here forever-ie., SEAL threadz, AR threadz, etc. (Been busy playing with some RS.)


    @ Skyflash: Wow... speechless. Great pics & cool gear again.


    @ Speed: ah, gotcha, haha.

  4. @ Tomster: great helmet! I say again, somebody in Asia needs to make a replica ANVIS mount and battery pack *cough-cough*


    @ Speed: cool gear and pics. May I suggest that you guise go with either woodland or MC? ACU really shows in woodland.

  5. Hi guise-just want some clarification. There's a recent pic in A-stan of 2 US SF ops with Multicam, standing in a green field, they are clearly packing Glocks. Are they G19 9mm's or G23 .40 cal's? 9mm would make sense as they also have the Beretta M9A's. I said .40 'cause I've read on some forums by BTDT's that some ODA's used it.

  6. AFAIK there are some groups that get their own opportunities for knives. Similar to the Strider SMF that was the MARSOC knife, there are other knives associated with different units. I've heard of Strider, Chris Reeves, Harsey, Warren Thomas, and there are others that have left my memory. This comes more from a knife collector than a SF collector, information comes from the makers; for all I know they could be lying but there's always the opportunity for anyone to lie.


    Cool. Anybody have any current US SF pics with large knives on their gear?

  7. US SF battle knife question-what do they use? What are they issued? They have the M9 knife for their M4's but I don't see too much pics of them wearing it on their belt or gear. I've seen an old pic of US SF in A-stan with a large buck knife on their belt. SEAL's use the SOG Seal Pup and Benchmade Nimravus and there are pics of those.

  8. You are correct, Matt Johnson Khaki.


    Cool thing about MJK is that its not as light as tan/khaki and not as dark as OD. It's kind of in the middle. Plus you can make it work with a variety of BDU patterns just like the real guys. MC, 3-color desert, woodland, desert/woodland digital, etc.


  9. @ PynkP: great pic. I've only seen pics of USMC MARSOC with the M4 Block 2's. I have a feeling this operator may be a US Navy SEAL. I'm seeing the CQD rear sling attachment and those are usually on their M4 CQBR's.
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