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    Women, beer, airsoft, reading & paintball<br />Getting into warhammer 40k books at the moment.
  1. How stupid is that! In a time of diminishing recruit numbers the forces are turning people away because they have body art. I'm gob smacked.
  2. Things have moved on since I started this topic it now looks like this:- Sorry about the quality my digi cam wandered off on its own.
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    Some shots of my stuff
  4. I don't have a problem with heavy front end. When I was in the army we had at first the L1A1 SLR then the L85A1 the first I loved the second I hated. So i'm rather partial to front heavy weapons. See the list below for proof.
  5. I'm thinking of getting the 10.5" at the end of the month. I'm going to fit a G&G GR16 SOPMOD Tactical Stock. (I don't like the look of the M4 collapsable stock) I'll stick with the PEQ2 battery box. I know that it has been discussed on here but just to be sure before I splash the cash, the trigger problems can be solved by replacing the 'switch block' with the systema switch block (ver 2) for M4, XM, CAR15. I know people have been talking about 'trigger' problems but I expect that the problem is the electronics not the mechanics.
  6. Could I please have the option of listing my country rather than an a hold over from our colonial/empire history. I would also think that our welsh and scottish neighbours would also like to use their national flags rather than the union flag. I'm not a football monkey but am rather proud of being English and would like to show everyone I am. I personally feel this is the way I am:- English British Citizen of Earth. (Stuff europe)!
  7. Ok, it's now time for my go at this 'rant' thing. Nose hair. I mean I know I need it for filtering dust and other atmospheric pollutants from the air but why does it have to grow so long it can look like i've stuffed a cat up each one of my nostrils! It also hurts like hell when I pluck it. MPV's. People who drive their kids to school or else where in their massive MPV's. I drive for a living and don't give a stuff about 4X4's it's the MPV crowd that need a slap. They seem to think that they are invulnerable and that the rules of the road don't apply to them. No indication can stop t
  8. Close but not the same (sounds of straw clutching). After reviewing ' This ' I was shocked that more softers don't wall mount their 'Pride'.
  9. There are many like it but this one is mine. Sorry about Quality, but can't put my hand on my digi camera so the phone had to do.
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    Teaching my son the facts of life
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