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  1. This started life as a broken black 32c...works perfectly now KJW Glock-32c http://www.darios-armoury.com/Glock.html
  2. Made this a while back. SRC MG36 http://www.darios-armoury.com/G36.htm
  3. Cheers for the comments guys, It was fun to make Follow the link to its page on my site for parts list
  4. My M500 Tactical custom I did a while back. M500 Warrior Tactical
  5. Whats the story with the 1911 on the top right? What body and slide is that or how did you achieve that finish?
  6. Could you post the guide? Thanks
  7. What make and model is the silver pistol in the top half of the circle?
  8. Its a great gun, very happy with mine
  9. cant wait for the copy to be released, just cant quite affort this one as much as i would love it.
  10. very nice, anyone compared it to cadpat in a normal grassy enviroment?
  11. This is the next loadout im going for, somehow looks good with the older guns too
  12. havent looked into cadpat for a while, any cheap ways to get it yet? copys etc? cheers
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