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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who went for the King Arms Thompson comedy load out. Was asked to be the team leader for a themed game we were holding and decided to follow the words of my old Scoutmaster: "What's worth doing is worth overdoing"
  2. The internet (or all least my use of it) seems unable to tell me if what you are referring to is the same as what we know as Pork Rinds or Chicharrones. Basically a Funyun made of "meat". So I am unable to verify weirdness.
  3. I'm somewhat interested in making a gas blowback version of one of these: https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchBrand&item=el-aimr-aeg-platinum-version&search=special&rs=searchBrand&catid=&cat=&view_choice=b WGC also sells the AEG front https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchBrand&item=e-l-r-outer-barrel-assembly&search=special&rs=searchBrand&catid=&cat=&view_choice=a Anyone know how feasible this is, starting with a WE 74U? Don't have a mill or lathe, so it would be hand tools and Dremil. Thoughts?
  4. Moved quite a bit south where it is warmer. And got out on a motorcycle for the first time since August when I crashed mine and broke my wrist. Didn't die and didn't crash my buddy's bike. So, victory.
  5. I thought you could set your time zone somewhere in your profile.
  6. https://screaming-banshee.com Was contemplating this for my F800GS, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet. So I have no personal experience and no idea how they deal with international orders.
  7. I think they just introduced key characters earlier, but don't think it is terribly far off the books yet. I think they're just inserting characters into places they could be but weren't described in depth in the books (things that get mentioned as having happened in the books get depicted in the show). I'm enjoying it thus far. Edit: what i meant to add was that it actually tries to do space right. Actual orbital mechanics and g forces and whatnot. Which is very rare in space Sci Fi.
  8. A few of my less serious moments (although those who know me would probably wonder if and when my more serious moments actually happen)
  9. Probably not the case, but I've had issues with hi caps where the outer barrel rotates slightly so the bit that sticks down along the side of the hop up chamber doesn't allow it to seat properly. But that should just be the barrel and shouldn't affect the slide. Never mind.
  10. I was attempting to make a joke about Trump's repeated statements that "we" will build a wall between the US and Mexico and the Mexicans were going to pay for it. And then build a corollary to your "proposed" re-acquisition of the US.
  11. I'm unsure as to how "we" will build a wall between the US and the UK, and make you guys pay for it. But, darn it, we will find a way.
  12. Yes. Just a tiny bit of filing on the forward horizontal part Edit, so as not to double post: Wolf, investigate trigger over travel. I had some grip safety issues similar to what you describe when the trigger was traveling too far. Went away after I added my trigger spacer.
  13. I ended up solving the Detonics/Kimber barrel issue with less than 10 seconds of filing of the barrel. Appears to work now. Going to order a whole bunch of bits to finish it off. Especially a steel hammer. As the stock Chinese pot metal hammer is looking in quite rough shape despite me only hand cycling it, and firing about 1 mag through it. Wolf, for a lot of helpful information on the Mafioso kit, see the thread I linked to in my earlier post.
  14. An expensive day today. Well, actually, an expensive day a while ago, but arrived today. Mafioso Hardballer Long Slide full kit. Clone Detonics with King Arms steel Kimber slide. To be more fully upgraded as time progresses. Both not without problems. Having a hammer problem with the Hardballer (http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/216638-mafioso-hardballer-long-slide-problems/) The outer barrel that comes with the Kimber slide binds when the slide is in battery. Works perfectly with the stock Detonics barrel. I'll need to file down the tab on the outer barrel
  15. They made multiple references in the books to swinging out the cylinder to reload. So it is some magical wacky hybrid of revolvers. Makes me wish that I'd not sold my long barreled M500s to get that massive revolver look that they reference throughout the series (despite not being eaten style, but then again I've never been much of an impressionist) Finishing the last book myself (not for the first time)
  16. If Magical Trevor is from the same group, or got stuck in my head a few years back. To the point where there's a Pink Floyd song that contains the lyric "Look at him now" (that I can't remember the name of right now). And rather than having the next line pop into my head, it is always followed by "Disappearing the cow". Which I'm pretty sure isn't what was recorded.
  17. As far as I can tell, it is only for US members. Something about a username and password that I've not been able to figure out. Seemingly no problem for other countries
  18. Thanks! This will be very helpful in my further investigation. Looks like it is as I suspected, that there is no explicit linkage between the selector and the hammer mechanism, and semi/full auto is governed by the length of trigger travel.
  19. How does semi auto work on this thing? The full story: As I wait for my P90 to arrive from Uncompany (Thanks Bankz for the sale tip), I found a used, non-working one for sale. It said it wasn't shooting, but since it was going for less than the price of the mags, I figured I'd give it a go. In that it is used, I have no idea what has and hasn't been done to it. But I do know that it was disassembled, since the previous owner painted the tan stock black. He also installed one of the trigger bar spacer things, except installed it on the wrong side of the bar. As a result of all of t
  20. So, after the gun sat on the shelf for a while after this problem cropped up, I picked up the gun a few weeks ago. After doing a bit of racking the bolt and dry firing to see if the problem would appear, the hammer spring broke. Just finished swapping to a new one, and as of yet, the problem hasn't recurred. I'll let you all know if the problem comes back, but for now I'm chalking it up to hammer spring degrading until it finally broke.
  21. Wonderful weather this weekend for the motorcycle. Can't argue with a mid December ride in comfort
  22. I still had pins in my finger, so I figured leaving the splint on was a good plan.
  23. Ah, airsoft with a broken finger. I remember that. I ended up having to cut a finger off of a glove so the splinted finger would fit. (It was around freezing) Although that was outdoors.
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