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    Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice. -Rochefouca
  • Birthday 11/07/1990

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    Got my first gun on my 13th birthday, but was interested for about a year before that.
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    (as of 6/13/08)


    G&G L85A1
    Classic Army SCAR-L (Tan version)
    KWA USP .45 OD GBB + extra mag
    KWA MAC11 + extra mag, silencer
    Cybergun Sig 552 spring rifle
    UHC M9 Two Tone spring pistol

    Too many odd gear bits to bother listing, such as batteries, charger, and some various extra gear (goggles, speed loader, propane adapter, magazines, and so on)
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    That's crazy/It was crazy
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    United States

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    Airsoft, military, law enforcement, video games (to a point).
  1. Endospore

    What's your backup?

    As soon as I start playing again at the end of February (ankle surgery), I'll be carrying a KWA M11 in a drop leg on the right. I might also end up carrying my KWA USP .45 on the left leg, just for fun (I bought one of those $10 UTG drop leg holsters for the left side so I could do a little dual wielding Just for giggles and all that.)
  2. Endospore

    Videos Thread !

    I saw that one. Not quite what I was looking for, but I suppose it shows me pretty well It isn't much different from my CA M15 it sounds like. By the way, I did check both YouTube and Video Google for P90 airsoft.
  3. Endospore

    Videos Thread !

    Video request! I am pretty sure I am going for a P90 as a new AEG, but I want to know whether to get a hicap or 2 lowcaps first because of the rate of fire it might have. So, would someone mind making a quick video (with sound, preferably) of the Tokyo Marui P90 emptying a lowcap on full auto? The video quality doesn't need to be neet, I really just need to hear the gun so I can tell how long it takes Thanks! +1 avaliable for the person who gets it for me!

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