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  1. Expensive just killed it for me I have seen them around, but didn't know if it was just a special with the kneepads or something. Thanks! Too bad, those things are so sweet looking
  2. Well I'm convinced. I want to move to Multicam Especially with my new SCAR coming in a day or two. Only question I have is about those special kneepads. Do those go with a certain style of the pants, or can they be added to any of them?
  3. MSX: You might want to vacuum. You missed a spot last time Nice gun though! I like it.
  4. We aren't discussing it anymore than people discuss red dot sights or paintjobs. Those don't have anything to do with M14's either Chill
  5. I actually considered some of those HK marked MAG midcaps. Wonder how those would look...
  6. Sweet! Thanks guys! Black mags look pretty awesome
  7. Picture request! Could I see a tan colored SCAR (brand doesn't matter, as long as it's tan) with a black and gray mag in it? Thanks!
  8. VFC does have plans to make the H, last I heard. Am I missing something on the H though? I don't find it too appealing Could just be a preference thing. And yeah, STAR would make a killing if they sold the EGLM's separate. I'd probably buy one if they weren't too expensive (which isn't likely coming from STAR, but oh well). I wish these Chinese companies would start coming out with imitation 203's. I don't really care if it fires, I just like the look.
  9. Oh YES!! Haha, I couldn't tell from the picture. Put some leopard colored shag on the back for a cheek rest
  10. Act, whatever. It was called a bill for so long and I haven't kept up with it since the beginning of last year maybe.
  11. You know, what would be REALLY awesome is a fur-lined forgrip I'd buy one of those...especially for those cold, winter months.
  12. Personally, I think it looks quite snazzy Well, I guess the upside is that at least you can still airsoft. May not have quite as much fun factor as before, but at least it's there. I'm just curious to see how much violent crime will go away with the VCR bill. This has been tried before...it didn't work.
  13. Oh ok, that answers it then. I don't like the 7.62 mags in the SU either. Belay that request
  14. *pause debate* Quick picture request!....again I finally opened (well, from the other side of a webcam anyway *vacation, friend at the house*) my AKS74U yesterday, so now I'm looking for mags before a game on the 29th. After playing BF2, I was thinking about it. That waffle mag on the MEC SF class looks awesome! So I was wondering how it would look on an AKS74U. So there's the request. Waffle mags (preferably the MAG brand, or one identical, as that's what I'll buy) on an AKS74U. Thanks!
  15. Hah, just noticed this was here. Thanks! Answers is perfectly Imaginary +1
  16. Never mind on my picture request. Looked back a few pages farther than I had before and found one
  17. Picture request! I'm trying to decide what color mags to buy for my VFC AK74SU: Brown, or black. It would be easy if they were different mag deals, but they are both MAG 100 rounders in a 5-er box. So I'm not sure which to buy. So I'm looking for a picture of an AK74SU with both the brown mag and the black mag of the same body (meaning not the standard AK47 mag). If I can't have both, then just a picture of the SU with a black mag would be nice Thanks! (flat on the side if I could )
  18. Dunno if this was said already, but if you "sand" it down (meaning use the same movements as with a piece of sandpaper) with a brown paper bag just before you apply the wood stain. This opens up the pours in the wood so the stain will soak in better, giving you a more even finish that holds the grain of the wood better Just remember to dust everything off before you put the stain on lol.
  19. I should have mine up within the next week Still waiting for the last piece to come in. Only problem I'm trying to solve is how to hang up pistols. I'm using peg board.
  20. For a 9mil it is The MP5k bolt isn't much longer than that.
  21. Props on a snazzy gun there. I've never liked the shorty vert-foregrip AK's like that, but that one is awesome
  22. FN Herstal nothing. What about right here? Haha, ok, so I'm not weeping. But personally, I don't like the look. I'm a slight P90 purist, though not fully.
  23. You know, if you changed the flash hider to maybe an SVD style or something, and made the aimpoint one of those open ones (like you see on top of P90's and stuff, if you get what I'm saying), it would look really good!
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