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  1. Long overdue update, parts arrived and everything is painted. The only thing left now is to build the butt plate. I can't install the trigger or selector switch as I have no gearbox for it currently. Chances are it'll be put up for sale once finished, so probably won't bother getting a gearbox for it.
  2. True, but there's still visible space around to see through, for me I don't love it. Apparently the parts I'm waiting for will be here next week (believe it when I see it) so hopefully have some progress soon!
  3. Thanks, it's certainly a different skill set to my day job! For me the cost of gambling on modding a feed tray from another platform wouldn't really be worth it as this is a super low budget build so far, ~£60. I think the biggest let down on realism is that the feed port doesn't go anywhere as the hop up and gearbox are in the way, whereas on the real version you can see straight through.
  4. Slight visual update: - Rails added to the receiver and front end - Cocking tube, barrel, and front assembly permanently bonded to the receiver - Hard to reach bits (back of barrel, inside of handguard) painted black - Barrel change handle mocked in place - Swing to side butt-plate halfway done - Stock channel reinforcements added Next steps are fixing the handguard permanently in place, fixing the barrel change handle in place, and finishing the butt-plate. Still waiting on the lower receiver, selector, pins etc. Strongly considering taking t
  5. Yep, that's exactly the plan. Use the G3 mag but cut down to the length of the magwell so that feeding isn't an issue.
  6. Awesome, I can keep going as planned then! A distinct lack of 5 minute epoxy is holding things up currently, but hopefully more will arrive soon.
  7. Good point, my original intention was for this to be based on a CA33 body, which is 5.56, but was sent the wrong receiver. Already had the box mag and definitely forgot until now that the two are different calibres. Worst case scenario and it looks off, I'll fab up a new box to go around the 249 box.
  8. Thanks! The plan is to have the box mag feed a regular mag like a giant hi-cap. The regular mag will be cut right down and mounted to the box mag, and also modified to slot straight upwards into the mag well rather than rock back. A pin will then go through the magwell and mag to hold the box mag in place rather than using the mag catch (as I don't have one/it wouldn't look right). The feed tube ala 249 will still be used, but it won't be seen. The feeding side of the mag will have a fake 5.56mm belt added into the feed port.
  9. Small progress update, have built the mock forward assist, which seems to be a TSC Machine specific feature: Have also cut and bent the new magwell/feed tray, but this isn't attached yet. There's a half built feed inlet on the other side but I'm waiting for epoxy to dry on the receiver reinforcements for now. Reinforcement will also be added to the right side of the receiver, covering the stock channels as per the real version. Rail sections should be arriving early next week, so will have upper and front rails, plus bipod rail installed soon.
  10. I've been posting the occasional update on Reddit, but thought I'd share here too. I'm using what I *think* is parts from a G&G FS51 to create something like the image below: So far I've taken the stock and moved the crook backwards to look closer to the correct stock, here's the original compared to what I've made: Next to the stock is the quick change barrel handle that I've made using ABS sheet plastic, cut on the bandsaw and layered using a coldweld solvent: Here's what I've made so far, using aluminium tube for the handguard, sawed out and sh
  11. Haven't seen a solid answer on this until now, so in case anyone else is still uncertain, the stocks are 100% interchangeable between tactical and breacher versions of this. Makes sense that it's the case, but nice to have it confirmed. Not my photo or guns but here we are: Cheers Edit: Should also mean that buffer tube stocks will fit on the breacher too.
  12. Having read through this whole thread, hearing a lot about jamming and parts breaking, does anyone have a definite opinion either way on the full sized 870 and its overall quality? Cheers
  13. Teeny tiny bit of a necro post here, but does anyone know if this cylinder timing problem was an isolated issue or if they're all naff? Can't find any info on them or the Cybergun ones selling in the UK. Cheers!
  14. Unit 23 on the BSS Business park. Very good staff, incredibly helpful and generally really nice guys. Went there for a ten minute stop and ended up talking to them for an hour or so. Can't recommend them highly enough!
  15. Corkie121


    *1-2 Calling for immediate ration supply drop. Fine, fine, I'll call a Medivac instead...*
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