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  1. that helped alot thnx dude!! greetz chaplain
  2. very nice looking mate!! could u also send me a pm on how u accomplished this work of art? greetz chaplain
  3. hey im still here, just have alot on my plate atm so i havent been able to field test it yet. well not properly field tested it. i played a skirm with it and she did nice, very nice indeed. although the accuraty can be improved a little bit.( butthen i was using .20 and green gas so its probably that). i also must say that the weight didnt bother me that much. what did bother me is the shiney silver from the mags, they reflec like hell( guess il have to find some more krylon). it will be january before i can do an accuraty test, taht has mostly to do with my upcoming exam
  4. so i decided to take the rest of the mag appart when dissassembling the last part of the mag, the o-ring appeared to be broken what i found really weird was the flashhider, u cant take it off but with a extra piece of barrel to screw on u cant really attach anything( thinking about a silencer here) back to the performance i havent been able to do a lot of testing because i live in an appartment ( neighbours would freak if i would walk aroound withthat thing outside) but ill test it to the max this weekend pro's -scope - l
  5. other then that the details are really great and it really looks kickass then i did the fps test, outta the box she shoots ( on a beautifull summer/autum day) so i went looking for the pcs and i found it in the mag after some fruitless attempts to turn it deeper, i decided to take the mag appart. taking it appart is really simple and easy although, the quality checks at the factory have failed on this mag 2 screws are missing - there should be 4 of them
  6. hello, been lurking a long time on the forums and this is my first review so bear with me first comment on this thread: how can u make a good review if u almost cant post any pictures i just got my amp a few days ago: first impressions the box looks good and is sturdy everything is neetly packed and is held in place well to my surprise when opening the box i found a scope ( why the surprise because i heard they were going to deliver without the scope) the scope really looks descent but is huge (for me atleast, im not used to handle stuff t
  7. bella thats a very beautifull aw .50. are u going to paintthe flash hider cause i kinda sticks out. greetz chaplain
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