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  1. Everything appears back to normal, thanks Arnie.
  2. All I can see is General, Technical, Site News, and Site Discussion.
  3. I don't believe this has been answered yet?
  4. Quick question for anyone in the US. Does anyone have the flak vest and would be willing to make a template of the plates in it for me from cardboard? I'm buying some foam to go in mine as it didn't come with the plates, but I need the exact dimensions so I can cut the foam right to put it in.
  5. Here's some of my work: A few of my favorites from the past year:
  6. I just meant that I wouldn't have much skirmish use for it. For impression though.....hmmmm. Was looking at prices just a moment ago and the mag prices seem pretty prohibitive. Videos on YouTube look fun though:
  7. Tempting as it is, I dont have a use for it, no CQB anywhere around here.
  8. Would you happen to have a closeup of it?
  9. I started this thread 4 years ago and here I am looking for ideas to redo my kit when I finally get back into playing again. Looking into some IdZ stuff, but wondering what pouches I would need to get for a SAW gunner setup with a M249 (I know its not an MG4 but I can hope for a conversion kit??)
  10. 1. If your not a mod don't post here. 2. Its not spam thats being deleted, its regular posts pertaining to the topic.
  11. Well I would look in my recent posts, but its gone. Besides, I've alreayd been warned (unjustly a year ago) so I don't really care. It just ###### me off that a lavender post is deleted without any explanation.
  12. Well it certainly wasn't spam or off topic, and it isn't the first time. A simple "your post was deleted cause it sucked would suffice."
  13. If you're going to delete a post you might as well inform me why. Otherwise I get nothing from it.
  14. Phoenix


    From the album: My Pics

  15. Phoenix


    From the album: My Pics

  16. Thats my bedroom. Always have to do a customary pregame photo-op.
  17. Quite. I only wish I had gotten to see it in person.
  18. RS UMP in hostage standoff in Statesboro, GA. 1/16/06
  19. Also, if i decided to put a nade launcher on there, this is the only current way. Same goes for a folding or sliding stock, will need a PEQ or something.
  20. 1. Its secheh 2. My handguard split some down the middle...
  21. I'm thinking of doin somethign similar, but with a ris, harris bipod and foregrip. The front end at this time is up for debate with me though.
  22. What brand outer barrel is that? Did you need an adaptor for it?
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