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  1. Could you describe the sound? If its a whirry whine whenever the motors moving it could be incorrect adjustment of the motor relative to the gears? Ive got to say mines going strong with the piston spacer, its been used heavily since a couple of months after the R85 came out!
  2. Mine's till running after many thousands of rounds with the airsoftworld spacer! Just installed Guarder (m4 style plastic) hop unit, madbull blue hop rubber and madbull 509mm tightbore and the accuracy and range is now very very good!
  3. hmm sounds awkward, Id get a smaller more precise piece to push the trigger block? Sounds like its jamming the mechanism, I wouldn't keep trying. otherwise maybe a general gears problem...
  4. If you're doing SAS sandbox I'd take a gander at these. Which IIRC is mostly RAV in SG? So it depends, if you're not going exact then its up to you really, haven't seen any khaki vests around though. Im sure someone else will have a better reply if you hang about!
  5. http://www.ultimatewargames.co.uk/Tonbridg...8.10.80.html#45 http://www.ultimatewargames.co.uk/Tonbridg...8.10.80.html#32 http://www.ultimatewargames.co.uk/Tonbridg...8.10.80.html#27 None of them are me, couldn't make it, from the new Ultimate Wargames site, thought I might as well put them up. There are more in the gallery.
  6. Domz

    G36 Picture Thread

    SHOWEN can I get a picture of the other side of the rifle, I'm looking at the stock, how is that battery bag attached? Looks better than normal. Like the look of that ACOG on that 36C triggerhappy
  7. Domz

    G36 Picture Thread

    I dunno the first one looks alright to me, but then again the SL9 looks good already. This has the advantage of rails being a K... Would prefer it with an SL9 stock personally...
  8. Domz

    G36 Picture Thread

    I think HK416 mags look better than those (P?) mags with the g36... if you want to convert at all. But I would say that!
  9. Looks really nice how are you finding the metal body? My mates wasn't that great, wondering if its improved. Nice paintjob anyway, and the tape does look surprisingly good.
  10. The CQB does seem to come with normal grip sometimes for SF so I'll stick with that for now, likewise a normal front sight is OK because theres no grenade launcher mount or long barrel to need a better grip on... So that simplifies the project! Crazy masterkey there looks in the way though, is it Ok to carry? Love the shrike as it looks in that pic (even though I usually don't like armalites with boxmags.)
  11. I was thinking fit a safariland holster for my p226 to the MOLLE vest a la that pic I posted before... I will probably get a clone plate carrier for now, it might not be an exact same one but Ill remedy that once its looking closeish
  12. Nice except the inner barrel, you going for a silencer or something?
  13. It does look different, but to be honest on all the deimaco pics I've seen it's got the flat back etc of a normal grip... Do the UK imports differ or is it only on certain versions or something? Or do I need MY glasses? Might be (another) thing to put on the list for a C8CQB?
  14. I knew (vaguely) why it's used, just not if they are more often homemade or bought. Indeed thats the same mag coupler, I was looking more at the lower receiver and magwell area theres what looks like a logo. Not to worry and thanks for the link!
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