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    Videos Thread !

    Ah yes. The guy with the camera saw fit to tell me that the guy with the helmet was coming (even though I had already seen him and put a hole in his head) and so the enemy decided they had to tell themselves where I was. Not that it was hard to work out Its a shame we didnt get a video of the guy taking a video here lying on a tree lying diagonally from the ground with his sniper propped between the two trees holding it up bang killing people as they walked up the path a couple of months after this video- you think they'd suspect something after 10 guys waiting on the path for a medic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93DJj9guwfU Topic: Taste of Ultimate Wargames (by same as last video, Matty) Collection of clips and pics, a lot of the Air Cav (cos he's in it! ) Like the music Im in this one too- I run out of the alamo just before the frag kills everyone else in it. I didn't last long outside though
  2. Domz

    Videos Thread !

    I think it was about 4 rounds, sorry don't know if it was quick tapping or full auto. There are rules against full auto at that range but he was a newcomer so I don't know... By the video its hard to tell if thats the same gun firing full auto, might just be quiet. It seems like I must have been quite shot up to pull such a stupid pose though. Any recommendations on helmet cams? Want one now ATC 2000 or 1000, or theres a tony hawks one which all look OKish...
  3. Domz

    Videos Thread !

    Whats happened to hitman? Ultimate Wargames Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzSgMStdKcA From a while back, not filmed by me so dont blame me Im the one with the USPc behind the mini-fort... last man standing. For a short while anywayThen I had to defend the other direction and didn't notice the guy with the huge whatever that's meant to be

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