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  1. Search the previous posts, you either need a spacer (search l85 on redwolf) or an 18 tooth piston... Got my L85 fixed by AW and it now has their piston spacer. RoF has increased and performs well but the auto to semi problem still occurs sometimes, though less regularly maybe. Its still precocking.
  2. Check for a screw but mine doesn't so unless they've changed it. Should just screw off mine was no problem. Was it from a US company? Some glue on the orange tipped flashiders deliberately... In which case you might have to look at a way of heating or using solvent or something.
  3. No I don't think the STAR batteries fit, too many cells up front. Looking down the flashider the barrel appears to be too far left but it appears that the flashider is off centre and therefore as it turns leans more one way. Strange. Don't think that'd change the direction much though, but mine is definately shooting left. Hopefully getting a tightbore soon so I'll see if it stops this maybe.
  4. Yours is a systema tightbore or they all have that? I didn't think it had a tightbore tbh... But yes the shooting left is the misalignment of the inner barrel relative to the gun, not a problem with the inner barrel itself.
  5. Um yep the inner barrel is straight, but mine seems to be slightly too far left relative to the outer barrel is what I meant. You can see more of the inner barrel on one side than the other (from the front looking at the barrel). Perhaps just removing and placing back would fix but Im keeping it in one piece for the warranty. Piston teeth ripped out I believe. Gears still cycle but no pressure.
  6. Yeah what is it with the barrels being angled slightly left? Mine is and Ive seen a review or two saying theirs shoots left... Hopefully a tightbore will be fitted more accurately by whomever I get to do it.
  7. Yep my gearbox went with a "normal" 8.4v battery. Sucks , but it'll teach me to be so trigger happy! But Im getting the spacer kit and new piston hopefully, hopup, try to fix semi problem, tightbore barrel maybe. But I know someone who has it and it runs on a normal 8.4, its just luck of the draw it seems. 7.4 lipos sound like a good idea, haven't bought into lipos yet... Exploding and having to buy a new charger, hmm. But yeah I think with a smootly running gearbox and stock spring a 8.4 normal or 7.4 lipo should be fine... People all seem to want crazily high RoFs...
  8. Yeah thats the reason noones using higher voltages, on this gun even with a 8.4, due to the longer piston, it doesn't have enough time to go forwards with the stock spring and setup before the gears have cycled again, which catches midway down the piston causing damage. So increase the spring power/ speed of movement of the piston (make it lighter or make the piston head a worse seal), and or make it a standard 16 tooth, before upgrading the voltage or you'll have a bust piston in no time (a la mine.)
  9. http://www.powerupgrade.cz/ the spacer is fairly expensive without a sector gear that the redwolf one has tbh... but still. I forget if a tm sector gear were fitted and a piston spacer whether the blowback would have to be disabled... If the pre-cocking is removed wouldn't the blow back mech have to be reversed somehow? normally it goes back as the piston goes forward doesn't it? Sorry for not relooking back but Ive done enough of that for a while recently on this post.
  10. Before or after pardon? Anyone used any of the powerupgrade.cz stuff yet? Waiting for an all clear tbh.
  11. Depends what spring/setup youre running, if its fairly powerful you might want an "toughened" or however different companies put it piston. The outer diameter of the spacer is pretty irrelevant- make it thin such that it weighs little but thick enough such that the screw running down the middle fits and such that it won't break under a little tension... I was looking at G&P which Ive heard good things about. Check the technical section's past posts on pistons and also check on here perhaps http://www.airsoftmechanics.com/home/content/view/22/26/ although it is now pretty old.
  12. Well the original battery is reputedly already low from 8.4, more like 8.0v, therefore removing a cell should make it aroun 7.0 to 6.8v... But if that can still run the system that'd slow the RoF even more and therefore make it more reliable yes. In theory.
  13. I was asking whether the magwell was working fine, and if there were any other pictures of the gun, especially without the forehandle-fold-down thingy. Nice A2 And nice versatility... I think it looks better with the k length hand guard in most cases though
  14. Thats what most the last 60 pages have been about! You don't NEED to do anything if you don't mind that the piston may well break after a few hundred rounds, also depends on the rate of fire (high ROF=more likely to break in general) and hence on how good the battery is, you could just fix when that happens. If that'll annoy you in the future, fit a standard piston and a spacer as in the previous pages/G&G guide to make it more reliable.
  15. Woah, how you finding the magwell and any more pics/pics without the front handguard with VN mags? I thought it'd look finebut never saw any pics except in an SL9...
  16. It'd be possible... But you'd need an entire new stock and body I think. Not very easy or quick to switch between and expensive to buy both those bits though.
  17. I'd think its only the tensile strength and maybe a few other strengths that matters so Im less worried about the spacer than the piston etc itself being the right strength/toughness ratio for 1Jish guns... (No offence to the shop but a brand new brand isn't entirely reassuring as to quality until they get a good reputation... or not...)
  18. Ah good stuff Hope it doesn't cost a bundle, where are they manufacturing/any guess as to cost? Oh and yeah, asap, my L85 piston broke and I don't want to fix it then fix it again when better stuff comes out, plus firesupport is out of spacers so it's have to be a spare 19 tooth...
  19. Dunno site seems to be empty as yet, they're still starting up? http://www.powerupgrade.cz/en/vzduchotechnika As for Redwolf, they don't "have orders" because they're OUT OF STOCK! We've got like 4 people on here alone complaining about them....
  20. Yeah hope they get them again soon! Haven't seen or really heard anywhere else with them and Ive looked in a fair few sites. If you can't wait though theres a guide for using the weight inside the piston as the spacer (using Tm in the guide) but you'll need to widen the hole and maybe add another washer or something... Ask Stealthbomber maybe. Also collecting advice to fix the R85! here
  21. Depends really but probably not. I'd get a G&G battery which should fit. STAR seems to be slightly different so it might or might not. STAR seems to have more in the front half, G&G (should be same as ARMY) usually only 1 forwards... http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=11056.25 Is a G&G http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=11539.25 STAR config Haven't tried though. 8.4? If 7.2 it might be OK.
  22. Liked it as it was before but I guess not very CQBish. You just bolted that rail under the previous one? Plates inside the handguard or something?
  23. Search this topic in the bottom left. Heres the first I spotted. http://www.reactorinteractive.net/drew/pic...007/Ag36box.jpg
  24. Thca, I do have one and can recognise those 2 parts Just looks even a little more further out. Probably just the cover being quite chunky.
  25. Nice and simple but functional The side rail looks like its sticking out more than normal doesn't it??
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