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  1. Brief background to the gun ;

    Arthurian Airsoft are a VERY new uk based Airsoft gun supplier that started in business late last yr , it appears to be run by S’ofters for S’ofters from the gumph I’ve read about it .

    The guns they sell are apparently Specna OEM guns but ‘tweeked’ to there spec , works been done on the gearbox , different inner barrel and there are external differences from the ‘stock’ Specna range . So I've been lusting after one basically since I first saw them , the particular model I liked was called the ‘Mordred’ in sandstone (also available in black) but not seen any reviews on them as there so new , any hoo I decided to take a chance and bite the bullet and get one sans reviews .

    first impressions;

    when it arrived via free next day delivery from Socomtactical first impression was lust ! 😍 it’s a gorgeous looking gun rapidly followed by “F**k me its heavy !” 😱 weighs a bloody ton BUT it does feel absolutely solid and bombproof.

    externally it comes with what appears to be an angry gun mk16 M-lok rail , a cranestock , set of KAC style BUIS and a nice little QD suppressor that fits on a scar type flash hider , in the box theres also a 300 hi-cap . 

    One touch I do like about it is when you rack the bolt to adjust the hop the cover stays back until you press the bolt release , a nice touch so you DON’T need three hands to set the hop ! 🤦‍♂️.

    Out of the box it was doing a very consistent 331-334fps .

    whats it like to use ?;

    stuck a couple of mids through it in the back garden on arrival , first thought ? Lovely crisp sound to it and nice rate of fire and it feels quite ‘pointable’ moves around fast when held right .

    Had it’s first gameday yesterday at black ops Bristol’s Portishead site (a compact little woodland dulux/airsoft site) due to the recent up and down weather the undergrowth has literally exploded in to life ! But that’s fine with me as I love ‘sneaky sneaky’ single shot from cover style game play , max consistent ranges your looking at were around the 30-35mtr due to the heavy cover . BUT from the very first pull of the trigger I had absolutely no trouble what so ever tagging my targets (actually got a kill with the very first pull of the trigger ! blue player 20’ish mtr’s out single shot ! if it wasn’t for the fact I drove 1.30hr to get there and had a car full of team mates I mite have packed up and gone home I had that big a grin on my mush from it ! 🤣)As the day went on I could definitely see the range creeping out further and further as the hop was settling in and was having the tiniest of adjustments to it , by end of day I was easily tagging the blues out to the 30mtr mark (couldn’t see much further due the dense cover) and hitting them very near where I was aiming ( using a 1-4 short dot) Battery was a 750mah 9.9v LiFe and was feeding it .25’s , and as I’m a predominantly single shot type player (but not averse to burst fire if it’s warranted, non hit taking anyone?😇)  there was zero effect on rates of fire due to the batt being a relatively small capacity one and a very full days play with it 👍


    the look of it , it is a lovely looking gun and I’m a great believer in no matter how good a gun is if you don’t like it’s looks it just won’t perform for you  , considering it’s a ‘stock’ gun you can most definitely tell it’s had some work done to it , it just feels and sounds crisp when using it , has nice sharp trigger pull no creep or softness to it , the hop cover locking back to adjust the hop .


    I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ period but genuinely can’t think of any bar the weight (but it’s nice and compact and I actually like to use heavier guns)  


    Am I glad I bought it ? 100% yes ! would I buy another ? If yesterday was anything to go by I’d again say yes most definitely again , am actually looking at the rest of the range to see what catches my eye .

    at the moment they only have AR type platforms but have said there planing to expand the range of models .

    As a side note I was running Battleaxe 150rd P-mag mids I bought specifically for it and a review of them will follow .

    cheers Druid . 

    picture 1 is how it came and picture 2 is how I set it up .👍



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  2. Only came across Arthurian Airsoft a few wks ago , there's no real reviews of them yet but having been informed the OEM is Specna arms and I’ve always been impressed with there guns for the price i decided to take a leap and get one anyway  . So here we have my new Arthurian Airsoft ‘Mordred’ In sandstone .

    review to follow .


  3. Well got an IDZ stock for my TM recoil KSK build , painted and fitted great ! all sorted ? Nope not a chance ! the Airsoft OCD went in to meltdown!🤯 suppressor’s wrong and the scope mount is wrong ! 😱

    So now it has the correct KAC QD suppressor and a 98% correct scope and mount , calm returned to my world (ish for now ) .👍



  4. 14 hours ago, GRIM! said:

    Zastava M70AB2 3.jpg

    Paint it like this ! And then just sit back and watch all the ‘pureistes’ have a total meltdown followed by a stroke ! 😈😈😈😈😈


    PS , looks bloody good bud ! 👍

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  5. Sunday just gone decided to go black (like my heart😉) at one of my two home sites Black ops Portishead .

    from the top ;

    bump helmet 

    WileyX sabre glasses half&half mask 

    helikon ubacs 

    home made PC with a mix of 8fields and DIY pouches in MC black , 6 X recoil mids , 1 X Alpha tech 6shot grenade .

    Kombat BDUs in there take on MC black (BTP)

    5.11 EXO knee pads 

    Bates side zip boots . 

    Primary ; TM 416D

    secondary ; Cyma USP AEP.  



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  6. On 3/17/2019 at 10:31 PM, Black_Bird said:

    Current version of my G3. Might make some changes down the road but pretty happy with it for now



    Gorgeous looking gun but the magpul grip looks hideous on it way too modern for my liking i’d go for an old school knights armourment Type my self , but that’s just me ,  I’m an old fart that hates seeing new and old mixed up ! 😂😂😂

  7. Picked up some pouches from Gunfire in there take on pencott greenzone , most were as I wanted but the only dump pouch they had has to be my least favorite dumper design of all of them ! So couple of hrs with scissors and sewing machine and all is good with the world again ! 😉

    So from this ;


    To this .👍


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  8. 8 hours ago, Foden_357 said:

    I'm loving the M16A2. Is that a G&P AEG? 

    Nope it’s a Jing Gong , I actually bought it as a donor gun to rebuild an old TM I’ve recently acquired but after feeling how strong it feels and how well it performed I’m keeping it as is ! Yes it’s a plastic body not metal but considering it cost me £130 to my door I can live with that .

    PS and yes I’m loving it too , its the simplicity of the ‘can’t bolt bog all on to it’ of it as much as anything ! 

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  9. June 06 for me , not really bothered at all about Facebook groups getting shut down much prefer the ‘forum’ format , I’ve always thought (could be completely wrong , and probably am !) but you have to think a wee bit more to post on a forum compared to Facebook , Facebook it’s just tap , tap , tap sent ! Where as here theres just that tiny bit more work involved in sending a comment and there’s definitely more older “no txt speak , talk properly you little *suitcase* !” Sort of users on forums AND there’s a lot less abuse than you find on ‘social media’ groups ? Which again I’m more than happy with .👍

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