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  1. Look like your playing tactical Tetris ! :-)
  2. druid799


    I had exactly the same problem with an up-graded TM EBB socom , I bought a 15c 2200 lipo to go in a PEQ15 and it just about coped but when I stuck a 'normal' sized 25c on it it ran fine , so that's what I now run it on (in an older style PEQ) . Hope this helps mate .
  3. Totally agree matey , defo' the way to go , done both of mine , can get a whole wknd out of one 2600 25c shared by them both . Oh and very sweet GATT btw !
  4. Linky ; http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1317194&l=0bff407151&id=176332535751430
  5. I've already converted my exsisting Sopmod in to a 416 so I'm thinking of DMR'ing the new one .
  6. Thought I'd cured my addiction , nope still there picked up another Sopmod off the forums ! Now what to do to it ! ??
  7. 12mths , up-graded spring and spring guide , no problems at all .
  8. To be honest fitting the ris was the easiest part ! you have a big collar come 'nut' that screws on to the threads of the receiver and the ris fits to that . I just pressed a long thin sausage of putty in bitween the old and new ris rails , ran a straight edge over it to ruffly level it then dremel and fine sand paper to finish it off before spraying .
  9. Cheers mate , 416 has allways been my all time favourite M4 type platform . the top rail 'seems' to be good and secure , I Mil puttied in between the RIS notches and then placed flat head bolts through the bolt holes in to the putty before it set , then once it set popped the rail off epoxyed the top and re-screwed the rail down .
  10. latest incarnation of my TM EBB Sopmod , as near as i can get it to a HK 416 ; JG RIS unit , ACM HK pistol grip , ACM stock and a G36 long rail epoxyed and Mil puttied to the reciever top to raise it up to match the hight of the RIS unit .
  11. latest incarnation of my Sopmod , HK 416 ; JG RIS unit , ACM HK pistol grip , ACM stock and a G36 long rail epoxyed and Mil puttied to the reciever top to raise it up to match the hight of the RIS unit .
  12. In a word yes , ran mine (and I think most non lipo users) on 9.6'ers for ages , matter of fact don't think I've ever mete any one using 8.4s in there's .
  13. Have had a quick look at mine and an old JG Spetz , didn't take them apart but after having a good look at them I think the recoil engine would stop it fitting . Again didn't take eny measurements but I think the TM body is over all a 'wee' bit bigger , so I think the answer is no to it fitting in the kit .
  14. Quick question , any body had eny experiance of fitting a Dytac Invader rail to a sopmod/ socom ? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/r-i-s-r-a-s/for-rifles-aegs/dytac-invader-rail-system-9inch-black.html Cheers In advance (hopefully) guys .
  15. Lacanuck have to say my friend thats Quite possibly the most fugaly gun I have ever seen ! BUT and this is the important bit , its your gun and you built it , and as long as your happy with it mate that's all that matters , I'm sure you'll have fun using it .
  16. Old thread back to life , So picked a new one of these up a few mths ago but hadn't scurmished with it properly untill last Sunday at Dragon valley . Appearance ; Now as we've all come to expect from TM the finish and look of it is realy good (though must say I've taken some wirewool to it to 'age it' a bit), the recoil is more than exceptable (I have a Sopmod , Socom and a Scar L aswell) and it happily put a smile on my face , and has quite a distinctive sound when fired ! FPS on DV's chrono was 290/292/292fps on .2's prity much standard for TM . In game I was running it on a 7.4v 1300 20
  17. I find there top notch when it's in stock , however IF it's not in stock they can be very poor at getting back to you about it . Twice now I've ordered gear waited a few day not recieved the gear or heared any thing , rang them to see what's happening to be told "oh sorry it's out of stock , but we havn't got round to contactIng you yet" . So yeah there realy good sometimes but sometimes not so good !
  18. How about trying to build a heavy barrel M16 ? Solid stock 'Alla' RichardY , full lenth barrel/RIS frontend , magwell pipe adaptor and a drum mag ?
  19. Yup it don't fit , used a G&P delta on all mine .
  20. Yup true words of wisdom , if only 'some' others would heed them ! Lol
  21. Cheers for the positive comments guys , it's an excellent old machine if i do the tensioning nut up good and tight it'll punch through 6 layers of cordura no problem , not many new home use machines can do that ! never used fast mags type pouches before but always dabled with idea of giving them a try , couple of wks ago ebaybanned had an offer on so thought i'd give them a go only cost £26something for 6 delivered . If I don't get on/ like them can always stick them up for sale . Next project ABU battle belt and pouches to go with it !
  22. Cheers , Turned out not too bad considering it was knocked up on a hand cranked singer sewing machine made in 1894 ! lol
  23. latest bit of sewing , fancied a light weight molle plate carrier so made this , based it on the crye JPC ;
  24. Pmags look good but if you use them the gearbox lock won't work when the mag runs dry . Don't know about others but for me that defies the whole point of having a TM recoil .
  25. I have a cheap *albatross* one from ebaybanned and it fitted fine on mine , but seeing as yours is from EVIKE God knows what spec it is !
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