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  1. Non on mine . The guys who are having 'wobble' issues , have eny of you opened them up to do any up-grades ?
  2. Cheers mate , it's a 469mm 6.03 inner barrel . The problems you were having could it have been eny thing else you can think off ? reason i ask is I'm a bit sceptical about compression issues in sopmods due to barrel lenth , the two other people who I know have stuck longer barrels on there's have had no problems and I've had nothing but good results from mine (FPS is up , stock TM M4 barrel set is giving out 340 no hop , 324 with hop and with the longer barrel set 360 no hop 342FPS with hop ) accuracy wise I'm still 'bedding it in' but on .25s the range is walking out very nicely , haven't tr
  3. druid799


    Love to say yes but it's a dressed up 4x's ACOG
  4. druid799


    and heres my TM EBB Sopmod "dressed" like an L129A1 ;
  5. heres my Sopmod "dressed" like the British Army L129A1 , its had a new spring fitted , baring spring guide , 6.3 tight bore and is putting out a very nice 349FPS on .2s and 330FPS on .25s ;
  6. Performance out of the box ; best AEG I've ever owned , I've had ruffly 28-30 AEGs through my hands over the years . Battery wise I'm running 7.4v 2200 lipo in mine , had to trim a few little bits of plastic in the battery compartment to fit . Plus I've changed it over to a deans ( amazes me that TM still use tamiya's considering how inefficient they are and EVERY ONE changes the connectors soon as they can !)
  7. have had my sewing head on the past few days aswell . small chest rig , double AK mag pouch (rest of the mags on my belt kit), BFG pouch and a utility pouch ; a mini dump pouch for my self and MC and desert marpat MP7 supresor pouches for a team mate ;
  8. I'm running a G&P on mine and it fits perfectly , no wobble at all .
  9. T'is strange , my XT panels lock on nice and tight , sounds to me like you have a non-TM RIS unit on it .
  10. LoL forgot about the hi-caps it's been that long since I've used one !
  11. It will run non-next gen mags with a magwell adaptor fitted , but you loose the bolt stop function if you do , but this seems rather a pointless thing to do as it takes away one of the two reasons to buy one , so for me i dont see why you'd stick normal mags in it in that case . Just my opinion .
  12. Like the bear says mate go lipo , running it on any thing else is like buying a 911 Carrera and running it on Bio fuel !
  13. Lovely looking machine , BUT hate to think how much it cost you ! Ouch !!
  14. Find your self a hand or peddle operated singer sewing machine , what i use excellent bit of kit and you can pick them up for peanuts !
  15. There's an American seller on eBay I get all my fabric from , realy great service and a hell of a lot cheaper than northpoint , absolutely roger you when you buy from them . The sellers called textile-specialist , Highly recommended them .
  16. Take the front body pin out and try sliding the receiver forward then back in place see if that has any effect on it , my sopmod some times has feed issues when I change the receiver (I have a couple of complete receivers sets a DMR , an M4 tactical and an 'old school' M4 ) and this normaly solves the feed issue .
  17. Quite posibly one of the truest things I've read on a forum in a long time ! ;-)
  18. I'd say wait for it to arrive and run it stock for a couple of games first mate , see how it feels THEN deside whether you fancy up-grading and what to up-grade .
  19. That's sweet man , I decided to go down the 'older school' look but do also have an Acog and peq15 if I do fancy running it in a more modern set up . One thing I am quite proud of is the DIS , it's an M4 carrier that i stripped and rebuilt with mil puttie to look like a diemaco iron sight .
  20. Well get a piccy up of it ! Lol . funnily enuff I've got a perr-mike custom barrel extender on order so I can run it as a 16 aswell ! Was quite surprised how much of a diffrence the G&P storm grip made to the feel of the GATT , lot more comfy to hold and point I feel .
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