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  1. Soooo need a support weapon on a sling fired from the hip when wearing that helmet !
  2. Nope , $11 ebaybanned mich2001 mod'ed to fit ! :-) (too tight to pay for a real one;-) )
  3. half the steel wolves , Dragon valley 15\01\12 ; Most excellent photo by CX , DV marshal .
  4. Dragon valley , 15\01\12 , sun was out ! Pic by Firkit , DV admin boss .
  5. Yup lizard wins the prize ! :-) was too tight over the mount so it had to go out side , have to say considering its a cheap a*s knock off its damn comfy , only ditched it at the end of the day as the sun had dropped and we were scurmishing in to it so I wanted my boonie for a bit more eye shade .
  6. airframe in use , ive atatched my mesh mask to the goggle catches on the side of the rails with elastic and buckles so its integral to the helmet now (but can be removed) , very comfy indeed ;
  7. I was one of the other two scurmishing with the bear and I concure , was realy comfortable to wear for nearly a whole day . Only ditch it so I could wear a bush hat as the sun had dropped lower on the horizon and wanted a bit of shade for the vision . Highly recommended it , if your in two minds over it .
  8. Figured you'd be running lipo but thought I'd ask as before I ran mine on lipo it was happening all the time with 'normal' battery's .
  9. Sort off , I tried a set on mine . the top rail locks on fine , But as there's no descending rail there's nothing to lock it to . So I trimmed the side down and used a small strip of Velcro to hold the sides in place .
  10. Cheers mate , has changed a 'wee' bit' since the picture , I've added Velcro too the sides so I can put a MC welsh flag on one side and another patch on t'other side .
  11. See more reasons to scurmish in Wales , even the rain is tactical ! De-fogs your glasses for you so you don't have to go safe to clean them ! !
  12. I swapped the screws out of my rail blocks with some longer ones and trimmed the locking nubs , solid as a rock now .
  13. Yup , 2001 didn't fancy paying silly money on a cover for a cheap knock off either . I trimmed a strip around about an inch deep by about 6 long off each side , stuck some extra sticky backed Velcro in side for the straps to attach too , loosened all the mounts off , pulled it in nice and tight behind them then tightened it all up and sorted ! Sigma ; Neither mine or the ones two mates bought came with the rail adaptors .
  14. and ALL parts HKs finest !
  15. Thought it was the ECBA in 2003 then Osprey MK1 in 2005-6 , but if wrong can some one post up the correct details .
  16. Cheers , trimmed a strip about an inch wide by about 6 long off the sides , stuck some sticky backed Velcro inside for the straps to attach too pulled it all in nice and tight behind the rails and mount then tightened them all up and job done ! . No way I'd get a real crye cover at that price , stick with HKs finest !
  17. piece of p**s mate no problems at all , the three holes in the mount have bit of play in them so the screws mated up nicely . got it from here ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150719455166?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  18. heres mine , crye "type" mount from ebay and a mich2001 cover from ebaybanned . cover was too tight over the mount so i had to mount it over the cover ;
  19. Does look realy nice (when it's in focus that is ! ) any one else notice the bad leaver disappear near the end of the film when you saw him use the bolt release ?
  20. Unless my maths are off 0.49joules is 287fps right ? Which is prity much standard for for a stock socom/sopmod . It's only the Scars that are putting out 300plus FPS (or 93mps) .
  21. Yup 310 , one of the reasons I have absolutely no intention of cracking mine open to 'tinker' ! Most deffinetly a case of 'not broke don't fix' . Funnily enuff sale of a Masada whent a long way to paying for my Scar ! :-)
  22. Don't think there doing domestic and export versions (though if wrong some one please post up) have spoken to two people who've imported direct from Japan and both were firing over 308fps (mine from firesupport was doing 310 out of the box) and haven't come across any one under 305 (again if any ones was different please post up) so I'd have thought 287 is either a faulty gatt or a 'Friday afternoon' build ;-) .
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