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  1. I know we don't have kit thrown at us , but mixed and matched is due to it worked well NOT we didn't have enuff kit .
  2. I was in exactly the same situation mate , I had an A&K Masada never ever let me down absolutely loved it , but once I started using EBBs I found my 'ordinary' AEGs were just leave me feeling flat (the real AEG killer for me is the mag lock when you've fired the last BB) and after some hard thinking decided to let the Masada go as it was just not getting used and probably not going to be used again so I reluctantly sold it so it would be used , waste of a good gun other wise . Put the money towards my Scar and I'm really glad i did , awesome doesn't cover how good the Scar is ! Love it . S
  3. Haha like it ! In that case hopefully the yen not HK dollars would have given it away :-)
  4. I'd say at least the same if not marginally better . wether that was down to weather conditions I don't know or not , but I shoot all my guns in the back garden (I have woodland behind me so no nosey neighbours to complain ) garden is 41mtrs long and there's a 7ft block wall at the end just about head Height there's a red house brick in it so perfect firing range ! first use 'quick fiddle ' with the hop and I was consistently hitting the brick round after round . So yup I'd say the range and accuracy was there !
  5. NO ! I like being a member of an 'exclusive' club :-) I was in the same UKARA boat as well Rich , had to go through a hell of a palavour to get it , really a pain in the a**e the way some retailers won't sell unless your on the swindle list , I could have produced a list the length of my arm to cover my defence to buy ! But I digress as I said to 5 I really fee it's a step up from it's pre-seders (M4 based , I've never fired either the AK or G36's) and with the three I have now (the Scar for modern , Socom 'old school' M4 and my Sopmod as my CQB) until TM bring out new models , M14's or what
  6. And all paid for with the sale of a couple of un-used AEG's ! was looking at my collection couple of wks ago and thought to my self "I'm not going to use most of these again" I just love my TM EBB's so much my other Gatt's just leave me feeling flat so arn't going to be used again so I sold some off ( no way I could have afforded it eny other way !) . Have to say as well mate I've only had it a few days now so only had a small play around with it , but if the TM EBB's are the next gen of airsoft guns then this is next gen 4.1 . To me it feels crisper and has more of a snap to it than my Socom
  7. my new baby , running it on a 7.4v 2200 20C lipo , took a wee bit of mod"ing to the stock but fits realy well now .
  8. i use one of the 7.4v 1900 20C"s from componant shop , fit realy well and work a treat in my socom . http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/airsoft_li-po.html
  9. Nope no real preference mate , I'm not looking to 'full on' up grade my guns , So I think the promy would be a bit of a waste to be honest , just looking for somthing a bit better than the stock ones . I'm really happy with the performance the guns came with so just looking to ' tweak ' them a bit . If ya know what I mean ! Cheers Rich your a good un .
  10. Rich , will you be having any V3 spring guides back in stock any time soon ? I'd rather give my money to eagle6 than another shop (seeing as your the one who's pushed the boat so far along ! )
  11. This is the one I used on both of mine , as you said it does need dremmeling but fits and works fine as long as you take your time 'fetteling' . http://www.airsoftpark.com/product_info.php?products_id=2469
  12. Is good news if your stuck with one with crappy TM markings on it ! (I have one with and one with out colt markings)
  13. Nice pic's atomic , I like pictures like that when your forming your own load out , so when 'Norris no it all' chirps up "oooohhh that's wrong , you don't want to do it like that , you want to do it like this ! " er no heres the reference picture ! no frills Nice and simple .
  14. Eny chance of a bit more detail please mate , had eny thing been done to the Socom prior to running it on Lipo ? reason I ask I've been running my Socom on a 7.4v 2200 lipo for about a year now with absolutely no effect on it .
  15. I've used this site for foam , really good , you can get a quote on line with them as well . http://www.efoam.co.uk/indexm.html
  16. Nice find Mr Pants , just ordered a P42 for £50somthing Cheers matey your a star !
  17. True enuf but posted for were you could get a lipo that'll fit comfortably in ris units if wanted .
  18. A team mate (Stewpidbear on here) has a TM sopmod Ris on his socom and he got a split 7.4v 1200 batt from vapextech that fits it nicely .
  19. Echigoya have them , $29 each BUT it's another $21 P&P ! http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=58&product_id=312
  20. I have both mate (sopmod&socom) the sopmod has all the bells and whistles on it ; PEQ , torch , AFG , reflex site and single sling point at the base of the stock . the socom is old school , no torch , laser or any bolt on's bar an Acog on the carrying handle and a bog standard two point sling on it .
  21. need to check a bit more mate , we DO use gympy's on the ground in sections .
  22. Corona and posting don't mix , had intended to say it protects the wires but some how I posted this gibberish sorry !
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