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  1. Only negative I can see (and it is literally the only thing) on your beautiful looking build is if it was a real one you’d soon be howling with your fingers that close to the muzzle break 😖
  2. Has to be said bud you’ve got some truly awesome skills with an airbrush !
  3. What the cow said , you’ll never ever be happy with your own work just take others likes or dislikes and run with it ! 👍 PS I think they look wonderful!
  4. New rig , love multicam but the worlds drowning under MTP and most can’t tell the difference so decided to move in to multicam tropic as you don’t see much about . Already had the shirt , trousers and hat , had been running an OD rig with it but wanted an MT rig and now I have one ! For £50 and some change bought from TG a simple plate carrier/triple shingle/triple flapped pouches/radio pouch/large utility pouch/small utility/assault panel/1lt bottle pouch and a double elastic mag pouch(to be used as a grenade carrier) .but it hasn’t stopped there being a bit OCD about my
  5. I did actually accept my error and basically recanted all my concerns a few days ago , plus I did state that your a well known player in the uk Airsoft community and I very much doubted you’d have indulged in any ‘overkill’ just simply stated a small concern how many rounds could be delivered in a single burst . All good bud ?
  6. My mistake over the FPS , I read it as 1.5j NOT 1.05j which was my biggest concern , now that worry is right out the window . Not accusing the chap of going to indulge in over kill (think it’s safe to say he’s been around way too long to worry about him doing that!) no only reason I questioned it is even just a very quick ’squeeze’ at 50 a sec is going too result in a lot of hits in a CQB site hence my comment about possibly annoyed players ?
  7. That is one very sweet rig you have there bud ! 👍
  8. As much as I like the look of it (and I do) I do have to ask why this ? your profile say your located in Edinburgh so your a UK player which means at 404fps you can’t use this gun over here ??? Plus says perfect size for CQB , and it is , but yet again if you use a 50rps gun in that environment there’s going to be some very angry and P***ed off players on the other team . well confused mate by your train of thought for this build mate .
  9. No , but you can certainly have one of those heavy white canvas hug your self jackets with all the straps and buckles ! 🤤
  10. Thought it’ll be something like that ! Couldn’t believe the quality of your builds you’d let something like the screws let it down ! 👍
  11. The way you basically scratch build these guns is amazing , the work you do is possibly the best I’ve ever seen in Airsoft but I do have to ask why do you use hex bolts on them and not a more period correct bolt or screw even just for the visible ones ?
  12. And you did look it , stomping around the Valley of the Dragon ! 😂😂😂
  13. Sweet , any chance your going to start flogging them bud ?
  14. Me today at Black ops Cribbs wk’nder loosely based seals’ish loadout. PS think you can just see my badgers brush sticking out from under the mesh mask !
  15. Now THATS a proper man beard non of that hipster 💩!
  16. Being off sick from work and confined to the sofa is deadly to the bank balance! Latest acquisition Tm recoil Socom , colt 4x carrier handle scope put together for that ‘old school’ vibe !
  17. Well had a rather novel experience on Sunday just gone , took my totally stock TM KSG to the Gaol (it’s an old open prison and an amazing site!) so it was a particularly hot day there and when it came time to chrono , it failed ! Was doing 335 with .25’s running on propane . I was using a SAT CnC tank as I’d read the TM ones have a habit of leaking on P . So then emptied the tank and filled with Nuprol green and it was doing 338fps . Emptied yet again bought a can of 144A and it was doing 305fps , after having a good chat to the site owner he said he’d had one of his marshals have the same hap
  18. Flicking through sky yesterday and came across a horrendously bad film about monsters from black holes ! or something on the SIFI Channel . The couple of minutes I watch the ‘special forces’ team looked like they’d been kited out by ‘cheapandnastybbguns.com’ or some other equally quality on-line retailer , very plasticky looking black PASGT helmet , black bomber jackets and unknown make of MP5’s that you could see the winders on the mags AND the inner barrel’s glinting in the morning sun ! Lol
  19. Quite like it with that flash hider on it , just looks business like .
  20. druid799


    Seeing as I couldn’t find any were it’ll fit I thought I’d start one , here’s my son in his JGSDF loadout . First time he’s fielded it , so kit list is ; Japanese digi camo BDU set , helmet cover , half samurai face mask , the rig is the same cut as the Japanese use but not there camo (it’s illegal for anyone to buy or sell the real McKoy) its an intercepter we got this from Taiwan gun its one of there own camo patterns called ‘RC’ , not the same as the JGSDF but I think it works very well with it , a Sig 226 (similar to what they carry) , and of course a TM type89 .
  21. I tried ! But do you not realize how hard it is to carve a bespoke shotgun stock when all you have too hand is a teaspoon and nail clippers ! But as to the single shot ‘Up-grade’ I have been in contact with ‘BB gunz’s is bestest’ (an amazing online seller that caters to the more discerning Airsoft buyers needs) and they said they’d be more than happy to advise me on how to really make my TM KSG wicked ! :-)
  22. Well started to make it mine and it’s getting its first run out this Sunday , really looking forward to it very much !
  23. Wanted a front shell holder for my KSG but not prepared to pay the silly money they’re asking for one so made my own , kydex/two cheap fleabay plastic ‘iron’sites/Velcro and epoxy and this is what I came up with .
  24. Well the guy who said about filling TM gas tanks ‘in-situ’ with propane don’t know what he’s been smoking , you can’t can you the filler is on the same side as the the outlet !? So don’t know if it was a translation thing or not (English wasn’t his first language) as I’d only used the CnC one .
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