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  1. second pic , first thought giy looks like a S"ofter .
  2. hah ! your not safe eny were !! on topic , the masada does look so much sweeter with the short barrel , i run mine with an M4 flash hider so i can stick a quick release suppresor on it if i fancy , i feel it dosen"t carry larger flash hiders very well they all ways look out of proportion to me .
  3. fellows ,in the words of peanut "YOU ARE GAY" if you can care about the barrel on that gun ! P.S. you can change your name but your still dibbles to me !!!!!
  4. could give you a realy long winded reason " tactical shooting position" or some other load of old bo***x but truth is had to b*****dise it so much to fit it won"t stay on eny thing else now so i"ve left it on to save wasting it !
  5. i agree an moe grip would look a lot better , its on the "too biy" list but not at the top yet !
  6. thanks giys , was going to build a full magpul M4 but then looking at the S-System i had"nt used it for waaaay to long and was thinking of selling it but then thought yea go with that to be a bit diffrent . the magnifier came from ebaybanned viere the old ASCUK forums . and from looking at my stock tube that came with it i"d say yes you would need to remove the whole gubbins to change batt"s as the stock tube has a small diameter hole in the end that i dought you could feed a batt through with out enlarging the hole a lot .
  7. JG S-System ;UBR stock , AFG and rail panels and FAB mag well grip A&K masada ; AFG , Rail panels
  8. morb , have you done eny internal work to your socom or is it still stock ? reason i ask is i"ve had lock a few times as well and mine had been worked on by the giy i bought it off (though i"d be suprised if its his work as he has a very good name for him self from working on gear boxes) .
  9. my ACM mich , some krylon , velcro and a few EBB goodies and i"m happy with the results ,
  10. Ego , beat me too it was going to ask same question as i had the same thing happen to me at the Mall last sunday , at the time i did wonder was i pulling the trigger too fast and was that causing the problem or was it down to the fact it was fricking cold ! . Richard will give the grip thump a try if it happens again , cheers for that idea .
  11. think its 100 mate , (not includeing spammy ones ! )
  12. sorry mate , the info you"ve posted up is quite wrong , 1) glue IS just about the best way to close a wound , 2) it was not "developed for the battle field" the use of glue was developed in plastic surgery ,3) glue burning the skin never seen it happen 4) as to sutureing the scalp , i could give you a long list of diffrent styles of sutureing just for the scalp . Fire NL , nice one mate thats a usefull little tip for players
  13. from the point of view of an A+E nurse i"d ask are you playing in areas that you will not be able to get the patient to hospital from in less than 24 hours ? if you can get help in under 24hrs then please please don"t try and suture your self , just put a pressure dressing on it and leave well alone . you start field sutureing and you will be doing the casualty no favours at all , the risk of complications are just too great (infection,loss of vascular return,tissue necrosis ) . also if eny one is going to use super glue on lacerations again please don"t but go to hospital to get it sorted
  14. you can get a 11.5 barrel set from Monda for it as an after market extra , comes complete with an inner barrel and hop unit already fitted so you can do straight barrel changes with out haveing to swap the hop unit around .
  15. scary wot you can do wene the weather"s bad and your bored !
  16. heres my baby , fully upgraded internally , metal bushes, gears , new piston et"all fires at 348fps , and i love her !
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