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  1. Wonder if I could convert it to run on mini magazines that’ll stick out the bottom???? Lol !
  2. Now this has arrived how to make it my own ?????
  3. Hi mate , sorry for late reply only just seen , any hoo yes I did use propane and as the bear said it was in a after market CnC tank that I bought for it . I’ve actually sourced another for my self (the other is my sons Xmas pressy so can’t really pinch it !) and this one coming also has an extra CnC tank so I thought I’d try running the TM tank to see how it holds up to propane , one mod I have done to the one we’ve already got and will be doing too the new one is make a hole in the butt pad over the filler valve on the mag as recommended on a Facebook group by a player who’d done a bit of re
  4. Well finally got to use my sons KSG and in a word ; ohmygodhowfeckingamazingisit ! used it at a single shot only CQB site and quite frankly it was made for it was getting kill after kill with it (even a couple of double kills where players were stacked together ) range was amazing as was the accuracy. Even though it was bitterly cold didn’t notice any decrease in the gas or how many shots from it and on more than one occasion there were multiple shots one after the other . So I’m very happy with it matter of fact I’m now actively looking for another !
  5. Been having a play about with what I have in the man cave to start on my Latest ‘impression’ guns , John Wick 1&2 ; TM recoil 416D dressed like his coharie arms CA-145 and the ubiquitous KSG , and from film No2 a double eagle ‘Tweeked’ in to his Benelli M4 and TM sopmod in too his TTI TR-1 AR-15
  6. Why not ask Mr Anderson, he mite be able to recommend a good web site ?
  7. Nice work matey , especially well done on the M16 , first time I’ve EVER seen an ‘aged’ paint job that actually looks old ! And don’t even get me started on the ‘to Afghan and back’ paint jobs ! F**king hideous all !
  8. I call your Russian pack and raise you a good old Murcan one ! Large A.L.I.C.E. pack fully loaded for a scurmish day .
  9. Having never seen one ‘in the flesh’ as it were , with all the frame lines so prominent inside am very curious to know how it feels as it looks as if it would be uncomfortable as Hell !
  10. Freely admit mate I saw this and almost did a small vomit in too the back of my mouth it’s such an abortion !But as Sheryl Crow said “if it makes you happy , it can’t be that bad” me personally ? Yes it is that bad ! But again as long as you like it who gives a s**t ! Rock on my friend !
  11. How have the seales held up ? Was lead to beleave they’d leak with propane .
  12. Look like an evil clown ! thats nasty , I hate clowns !
  13. Quick question guys a new KSG totally stock what gas are you using ? Tried doing a bit of net surfing in to it and basically every link you klick on the author recommended a different gas too the previous one I looked at !
  14. Does make me chuckle when the ‘purists’ go off on one when ever they see an AK with god knows what ever mounds of tacticool bolted on too it , go too ANY war zone and you’ll see the whole gambit of looks from totally stock fresh out of the factory right up to more bells’n’whistles than a Disneyland train ! But funnily enuff don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them going on about THOSE AK’s Lol
  15. If you look at the description on the TG site you’ll see a lot of the internals have been changed already . Thirty is cut’n’past from there ‘change of the internal part, important think all part are reinforced: · M120 spring · steel gear on slide bearing 8mm · directional piston head · piston head on bearing · reinforce cylinder head · Hi-Speed engine · Hop-Up chamber compatible with Guarder and TM standard’
  16. Nice little review matey , one thing , could you elaborate on the manual saying not to use lipos !
  17. Nice review mate , well written indeed . I’ve one of there own zuchov AK’s and have to say one of the best stock AEG’s straight out of the box I’ve ever owned . TG are the go to shop now for my self and my team mates .
  18. At Black ops portishead today , was trying out a USN SWCC loadout .
  19. Project for a fellow forum user , He needed a carrier of some sort for his new type 89 knee mortar . So got the main bag that the tube slides in too upside down so there's a double D retention strap over the top and then two side pouches for a pair of TAG rounds .
  20. Nothing too epic but putting a SWCC loadout together and have acquired an ICS M4A1 to go with it and after few 'tweeks' (changed the original 6point stock for the crane , peq2 for the batt and a three point sling) here she be . Two pics my gatt and the sauce subject . Hope you all like , any changes please post up .
  21. Been after a new RRV for a while but not a lot around that I liked , so came across the Condor outdoor recon (have had a condor 3day pack for over 10yrs and still going well) and it was not a bad price , has three fixed double M4 mag pouches and 6 ? pistol mag pouches , down side not a fan of double stacked mag pouches so stripped the pistol pouches off the M4's and turned 2 in too single mag pouches (enough) and one of the others in too a double grenade pouch . Was happy how it turned out but then thought of a way too make it in too a full RRV , took my Blackhawk thigh panel and stripped off
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