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  1. Have to say mate that pistol looks mad as a monkeys tea party ! But I do like it in some twisted way !
  2. Absolutely cracking 'how I did it' film Grim! I doth my cap to you good sir !
  3. I've been running mine for just about a yr now , I only use it when I'm running my 'old school' loadouts (British army of the 80's/Rhodesian bush war) so it's been used ruffly half of my playing time ? I've removed the hideous leaf sight and set mine up as an L9A1 (the one I carried in service) I normally run .25's in it but some times I'll stick .32's in it if I'm playing woodland with dense cover mine has a very satisfying 'snap' too it on firing , accuracy is very good after a few mags threw it and the hop has held true all the time . Others have stated there's are a bit 'meh' when used but
  4. Amazing what you can construct from the 'junk' box ! Built by Stwpid Bear dressed by me !
  5. New gatt , cyma cm.077 gone for the full bells and whistles on this one , total antithesis to what I've been running for the past 2yrs as I've been exclusively running old school plain Janes .
  6. Bought my self a Webley and decided an old school pistol needs an old school holster ;
  7. Was very happy with how the shoulder holster worked for the python I decided to knock one up for a1911 I recently acquired . Hope you like ;
  8. If you can find one for sale the you won't go far wrong with a TM recoil G36 its a right cracker .
  9. Acquired a fubar'ed WE 1911 , turned out to be an easy fix so seeing as I've already got one decided needed a new holster for it (my two sons play as well so probably won't see much of it !) and decided on a shoulder holster for it , but once made decided I liked it so have now swapped my original 19 into it instead .
  10. Not me in the picture (a teammate) but I took and 'fettled' the picture And the obligatory 'moody' black and white !
  11. Up yours with something spikey ya furry git !
  12. A gentleman would not ask such an impolite question ! Lol Think I'll stick with a pair of plain combats !
  13. King arms Para , starting a Rhodesian bush war loadout .
  14. Tried kydex , that worked so thought I'd have a go with leather . Recently acquired a TM 6inch python so thought needed an 'appropriate' home this is the result . hope you like .
  15. Wanted a ridged holster for my hi-capa which has a strike plate on it , non around so made my own , wanted to be able to carry it on a rig or belt so used a molle type fixing method and it works well .
  16. AND the latest 7.62 I've acquired ! Definitely going away from the 'uber leet' racing M4 type guns and going back to big lumps of guns . Jing Gong DSA58 with a compM4 scope / BE Meyers 5.56 flash hider (correct sized 7.62 on its way) and a short ris rail fitted to take the foregrip. Hope you like ;
  17. I'm a bit of an 'odd bod' (no comments from my team mates !) in that I like the weathered gun look , but absolutely detest the 'Afgan' look and the like , we're they've smothered the gun in paint then vigorously gone at it with wire wool ,etc,etc . I DO really like your fresh from the factory look , back in the day when I was a 'wee lad' all wide eyed and excited at my first issue rifle we actually tried to keep our SLRs as pristine as possible we'd spend ours oiling the wood and re-blueing the metal work to keep this look . So more than acceptable in my eyes my friend !
  18. 'Jebus I saw this and did a man wee ! THAT is a gun you form a circle around and chant " we're not worthy!" Beautiful piece of work good sir !
  19. It's a dragon red OPS core helmet , the lower face guard was on ebaybanned for about two or three days if that and I was lucky enough to catch it ! The lense is a motorbike iridium visor dremel'ed down to fit then I've attached the visor to the helmet with slots cut in to it just below the helmet brim which I've slotted adhesive Velcro through so it's easy to change it out for a clear visor I've got .
  20. Nothing too tactical just tacticool ! Lol
  21. Thanks for the kind words mate , as too your collection all I can say is WOW ! I kneel before you in aww ! Very nice indeed good sir
  22. What can I say ? I'm in love with 14's again ! SO after fitting the Woodstock to my TM obviously I've now got a spare stock . I've also recently acquired an AGM (which in a convoluted VERY long story has got me back in to M14s) so couple of hours over the wknd with the TM stock and some spray paint this how the AGM looks now ! Hope you like ;
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