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  1. I use one of these http://www.israeldefensestore.com/opsm.html (so does my team mate stewpidbear ) . You do loose one stock notch on the tube but works fine for me .
  2. Weep blood ? And wear my b*****x on a string round my neck when my mrs finds out how much I spent on them !
  3. Well the VFC 416 folding post foresight fits nicely , so I'm a happy chappie !
  4. Afraid I had a similar event , the split ring had come out of its Chanel and jammed the pin in and I had to lump it out with a hammer and punch . What I did was get a scrap piece of wood drilled a hole the size of the pin head laid the reciever down on it to knock the pin out and support the whole reciever at the same time (to avoid excess stress on it and risk cracking the reciever) and luckily it worked ok !
  5. As a player who knows how to charge and use lipos but b****er all else about them I thought balancing them was the big thing when charging them to keep them working efficiently ?
  6. Here you go blam , it's a 1300 cranestock ; http://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1300mah-25c-cranestock-battery.html I've trimmed the plastic batt supports back in the lower , I leave the batt in there all the time , run the wires up either side of the barrel and when I charge it I just plug an extender lead on to the ballance cable . Hope this helps .
  7. I've got a 7.4v 1300 in mine , just in from work bit knackered so I'll crack it open tomorrow for you to see what size it is .
  8. Yup , I've run both in mine . Think it's just a case of they labelled the tan ones for the SU and the black ones for the 74's , more 'aesthetically pleasing' that way ! .
  9. Oh I'm sure there'll be something somewhere on the gun that'll stop any thing else fitting .You know what TM are like "they always f**k you in the drive through !" ;-)
  10. To be honest mate on past experience of TM and after service parts , I'd be very surprised if it fits with out some extreme modification if at all .
  11. First time you use one you'll totally justify the price tag ! Once you've gone TM recoil there's NO turning back !
  12. Exactly the same mate , the butt pad is different (comes off vier a press button in the center ) but that's the only difference .
  13. What Richard said , it's what players are happy with/to do , me and the bear were both more than happy to (carefully being the optimum word) un-screw and un-solder all the quick change gubins (can be put back no probs) and go down the deans and tail route . If you want to go the batton route , carry on I did in the past but wasn't happy with it in my sopmod , but that's me . Every one should do what there happy with .
  14. so true ! No messing with the 'magic' inside the body (total mong when it comes to gearboxes ) just popped the stock , less than 5mins and job done .
  15. BUT and here's the clincher for me I have a battery box full of lipos and it's a hell of a lot easier to run ALL my guns on the same Batts ! ;-)
  16. My self (and the bear) removed the whole battery gubins from ours , stock off un-Soldler the spring clip on the stock tube , solder on a length of wire with a deans then un-screw the fuse and what not in the stock and thread the deans through the hole in the stock , job done !
  17. What he said , I've never ever felt 'out gunned' at any scurmish with mine left stock .
  18. Yup , that one is 4 and a bit inches long (I've got one for my 416 recoil) any negative or CCW 14mm threaded 'thing' will fit .
  19. Any neg 14 barrel extension will work mate , if you trawel the net you'll find one some were . Edit , Here you go mate ; http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-p-s-extend-barrel-110mm-14mm-ccw.html#.Ur4BZX8gGSM
  20. Plus I'd say if your buying a TM 416 your not going to be new to the game (price to get one of these up and running) so I would have thought odds on you've already GOT everything you need to dress one up as a 'seal special' already ? I know I have ! Lol
  21. Few mths ago a fellow S'ofter from Norway (wonderful fellow that he is !) gave me some goodies in M98 , a CV-1 vest and some combat kit . The vest was produced for the G3 but the Norwegian forces now run HK416's , so having a TM recoil one decided to mod the vest to suit an M4 platform instead . As you can see from the rather crappy phone photos it used a type of molle system based on 2inch webbing not 1inch and the mag pouches were a pair of doubles so i stripped it and the pouches down and re-assembled in standard 1inch so I can use the pouches on other carriers if I wish , and as a bonus
  22. Like the idea of the drop in rods but tamiya's realy are poop , you do need to change to deans or some other connector . Noted an increase in all aspects of battery use when I did and I've never met any one who wasn't glad they'd done the same as well . If you need conclusive proof just google tamiya V deans there's LOTS out there .
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