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  1. M90 and a bearing spring guide will get you to that , no need to mess around with new inners and the hop .
  2. Just to let you know I've broken a Sopmod and its the bulk sales .
  3. Not at all the scope is an element 552 and the torch is a cheapass ultra fire xenon bulb job from eBay (matter of fact I think the offset mount cost nearly as much as the torch ) its got a very strong focused beam to it and to be honest I begrudge spending good money on a decent one and then getting the lens shot out .I prefer a vert for a compact gun , I do use an AFG though when its in a DMR style , long barrel , scope and bipod .
  4. Too much talk ! Need more pictures !
  5. Had one , not impressed with the adapters , can only use piddlie little Batts with it , i'd go straight to a deans . Right then remove stock , remove the stock locking rail from the buffer tube (you'll need to heat the screws to soften the thread lock or you'll strip the heads)un screw the little power widget (three screws) un-solder the two sides , solder on a deans with a length of wire attached (I've got around a six inch tail on it) . Then remove the fuse box from the stock (again three screws) , slide out the two rods in there carrier then carfuly slide the stock back on and fit the dean
  6. I've been running 7.4 lipo's for over three yrs in all my TM EBB's never a problem in any of them (matter of fact they improved performance of them all ) totally recommend switching over . Here you go mate , http://www.componentshop.co.uk/800mah-7-4v-25c-jst-connector-2608.html?options=cart think this is the one (bought it last year) price has gone up a bit but then again it'll last you all wknd !
  7. 416 now deans converted to run on lipo (quick change suck big time !) , f**k me that's a fast rate of fire ! Need to get up to stewpidbear's gaff so I can stick it on his chrono to check the rate of fire but I'm sure when he did his he was getting around the 16-18rps out of it . Plus I can confirm you can fit a 7.4v 2600 in it with ease .
  8. Well its arrived , and is with out hesitation the best feeling AEG I've ever held ! Yes a bold statement but I really stand by it . The feel is just amazing , the weight , and just solidness to it totally legitimises the hefty price tag (mine was £540 delivered from landwarrior ) but quite frankly worth every penny and after watching how stewpidbear's performed at Black op Cribbs yesterday I know I'm not going to be disappointed on the performance side either .
  9. Not making any promises but I mite have the part (I've stripped the quick change out of two sopmods) will have a look for you when I get back from my game day tomorrow .
  10. Yup I've decided to possibly forgo my testis and buy a 416 , conformation came through this am should arrive Monday , SO if I raise the cash to clear the credit card before its due date I keep my nuts if I don't ? The wife has two new things to clutter up her hand bag . So is the life of the family man S'ofter !
  11. True but how much did you think it'll be ? Most of us have sold either a kidney or some other body part to get TM recoils , Lol .
  12. I did it like that so I can chop and change the BBs I'm using , .25s in the AEG , .35s in the pistol and .42s in the L96 . One loader , three bags .
  13. Oh god yes ! I'd be all over one of those like a rash !
  14. Be very surprised if it does out range the TM recoil , I have one and its got a ridiculous range on it for such a short barrel , but I DO realy like the wood on this one ! crappy plastic on my TM :-(
  15. Just heared on Facebook from national geographic that they will be showing 'inside combat rescue' in the UK in August !
  16. Not a particularly complex DIY job but serves the purpose of in field reloads without the noise . Screw the bag on , reload , unscrew no rattle !
  17. I've got one of the Dboy ones , i did try to dremel it to fit . Not sure what the wood was but I lost the will to live after an hour of dremel'ing and no real improvement to it !
  18. Seeing as its second hand to you and your planning to keep it for a while (plus don't think you'd get that much for it third hand) I'd just clear the whole fast change guts out of it my self and solder a deans straight on to the wires on the stock tube so you can run cranestock lipo's in it (what I did with both my sopmods) much easier to run , and when I did look in to selling one of them it wasn't a problem for any of the prospective buyers .
  19. It actually went t*ts up beginning of Dec but its only now I've had the chance to take it to my tame tech (stewpidbear) and he cracked it open last wk (I leave all my tech work to him , I'm a total no hoper at gearboxes) and that's when we discovered what had happened . i think its lasted this long due to the scar not being used every game day , I have a couple of different guns that I use so they all get rotated and due to working shifts I only get to play at best once a mth if I'm lucky and some times i can run 6,7 even 8 wks between games plus I'm not a particularly 'heavy fingered' player
  20. I bought the spring guide from eagle6 at the same time as I bought the spring , think it would have been about 18ths ago? so it's which ever one you were selling at the time (no markings on the guide so can't 100% tell which one it was ) .
  21. I think its the shs ball bearing one (I bought it at the same time as the spring ).
  22. Just watched parcelfarce driver stagger up my front path carrying 89,000 BBs , most amusing ! Thanks again for excellent fast turn around of my order ! And supplying a good laugh as well !
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