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  1. Well developed a similar problem just before Xmas , only got to see my pet tec today and apon opening the gearbox we discovered that the spring had ridden up on to the collar of the bearing spring guide and was jamming up the recoil weight and it had then ground down some teeth on the piston and gear which was causing the lock up . So now need new gear set , new spring guide and new piston . Not happy one bit to say the least . And before any one asks yup it was an eagle6 M90 spring (not a cut down 'normal spring') .
  2. Personal experience of knowing two players who've both upgraded there gearboxes with all promi parts and eagle6 springs and bearing spring guides , player ones gearbox totally self destructed on a 11.1v 1600 and player twos gearbox was on the verge of it when he opened it to investigate a 'grinding' noise coming for it . In 4yrs of playing all over the UK I haven't yet mete a single S'ofter who's successfully run ANY TM recoil guns on a 11.1v batt .
  3. Not too sure the make of my SF . Got it from greek Airsoft .
  4. It's the CQB model barrel .I've had the standard TM flash hider , a surefire SF , an element scar , a perr mike suppressor , a perr mike heavy barrel extension , and its currently running a G&P 733 flash hider on it , all with no problems .
  5. I've a 10.5 dytac from Ebaybanned on my socom and I've never had any problem fitting flashiders/supressors/barrel extenders on mine .
  6. sorry left i out its a mich 2000 cover , but this is what it looks like on an airframe ;
  7. I have the Emerson cover on my airframe and my mate has the genuine crye cover , have to say the difference in colour is marginal . I also cut and re-stitched it over the gap between the two shells to match the crye .
  8. Been running my socom on a 7.4v 2600mah 30c for over 18mths with no problems at all , gearbox is totally stock though i did fit an eagle6 spring which took it up to 325fps'ish .
  9. Sorry mate don't know we're to get the batt adaptor from , I've removed the quick change gubbins from my sopmod's and soldered a deans on to them so I can run cranestock batts in them .
  10. No worries matey , I run all my TM recoils on 7.4v lipo's (like most recoil owners I think) there equivalent to a 9.6 so you'll be fine . But to be honest I think you'd be better off converting to lipo , any way nimh are SOOOO last year !
  11. Can't be a dirty mag issue as they all feed empty in my scar , socom and second Sopmod .
  12. On the problem of non feeding my Sopmod won't feed the last ten or less bbs out of any of my mags , feeds fine until you reach about twenty or so bbs in the mag and it starts miss feeding then when it reaches the last ten bang won't feed any of them at all . have tried three different receivers on it and it happens with all of them so looks like the problems with the lower .
  13. Was going to but a very experienced TM recoil owner at one of my regular sites fitted his sopmod with one , range was amazing but accuracy wasn't worth squat , he tried several different hop nub types but none really improved the accuracy from it .
  14. Haven't got any info on the subject but all I can say is what I actually experienced which was an increase in RoF and trigger response when I changed from tamiya's to Deans . One down side I did note was my old nimh battery's did die quicker but I changed to Lipo shortly after I swapped the connectors so no big thing .
  15. I definetly had a slight increase in RoF after I changed to deans . If you just do some googling there is info out there listing the better flow rate through deans compared to tamiya's , read one of the main reasons was to do with the larger surface area on the deans spades compared to the tamiya's little pins (makes sense ) .
  16. if your not confident at soldering is there any chance you can find some one at your site who could solder it for you ? (Do they have a marshal there who fixes busted guns during game days ? Most sites do ) . Or even buy something like one of these ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Deans-Connector-male-14-AWG-Silicone-Wire-160cm-long-/390403158356?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item5ae5d77154 And put some male/female spade connectors on the wires so you can run deans (I did much easier ) , the current flow is so much better with deans , tamiya's are shocking compared to them .
  17. In that case get one of these matey , I've got one and as long as your not a ' trigger h***e' it'll last you all day .Cracking little bit of kit . http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-peq15-box-with-7-4v-1800mah-lithium-battery-black.html
  18. Ah fair enuf , I just got the idea that your were asking in preparation for getting one not you already had one . To be honest mate I'd say its going to be a right nightmare I've been running them basically since they came out and I wouldn't want to try and wire the socom to the back .
  19. Have to ask mate , why ? If you don't want the batterys in the front and you want to use 'normal' batts in the stock instead of the crappy powered quick change ones just rip out the quick change adapter and solder on a connector to run normal batt's in the stock instead .
  20. Wasn't ment as a dig , just yours was a bit of a 'vague' post to say the least . I have three M4 types and two other TM recoils and the only problems I've realy had with any of them was with a second hand one that was the result of a botched up-grade by the previous owner , and the point of this thread is to help other owners with information on the platform . So that's why I asked for more information what your problems were . Wasn't trying to be a 'clever bottom' ;-)
  21. More detail why would be helpful matey , otherwise bit of a pointless post really wouldn't you agree ?
  22. He's rogered then ! He's rogered then ! ;-)
  23. as long as nothings new with the receiver threads or barrel mountings I'd have thought Ris yes barrel no .
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