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  1. Thank you for the review and those who added on, I've been doing some homework on this gun and have some questions. Well its more of a question of which retailer I should purchase it from, I see WGC carries them and I have dealt with them before no problems yet. But this tiger airsoft I've never heard carries them too with trades which is cool. So has anyone did business with them before and how did it work out? Oh and I seen another review on this gun somewhere else ordered from tiger airsoft but it did not come with that shiny Stark package just a simple looking brown box, does anyo
  2. Crow, thats AWSOME!!!! Thank you for that.
  3. Yep that is stock for the new AKM model CM048M
  4. Though not the best pics, but lets keep this thread going.
  5. Yeah ACS would be nice, I was just looking at the UBR too. ....But I think thats where the whole, "where would the battery go" comes into play.
  6. Pulng, simple and clean I like it! Evansy, truly its amazing I love the MOE and M203 combo it just looks right, maybe its just me I'm not so sure about that stock though. Everything else is win!
  7. Hey Moody, what kind of chest rig you got there and where to get?
  8. @Hispeed1, you can try Dynamic Star they have it there and they take paypal. Hope that helped.
  9. Thanks for sharing, jonboy2312 its nice to see new and original things
  10. Thank you for the pic, hitmanNo2! Now that was refreshing. To add, where can I get sights like that for a TM?
  11. Wow this is what I had in mind for my nephews M4, but I'm going with the G&P Zombie reciever (the kid likes zombie movies ) and an SPR flash hider with suppressor. Thank you for the pick looks like it will turn out good.
  12. I'm not sure what it is yet Grobut, but I'm realy digging that MD-90 thank you for the eye candy.
  13. Ah ok I see, since we'er on this small subject of AK 104/105's has anyone heared any news about Kalash's RK 105?
  14. Man WTH is that?!!! ASGI takes the CM040D and sticks a AKSU muzzle on it...
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