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  1. Thanks for letting us know, sounds like I might have to pass on doing it since i've broken many aegs in the past and have had to get some one to fix it xD
  2. quick question how did you go about switching the charging handle over?
  3. Sorry I was overly tired the other night and couldn't make out what you modified, but I've just seen you just need to shave a bit off the selector cam. I might just have to dig out my G3's which I've put away and give it another go. I've I run into any more issues is it okay to drop you a PM?
  4. Thank god some one ran into this issue, i pretty much gave up on installing mine into my G3 cause i didn't have a spare selector plate/cam that I could cut up any chance for some more pictures?
  5. That thing reminds me of the MGS2 M9 Tranquilliser. Basically, DO WANT.
  6. I find the lack of P90/PS90 disturbing, so let me fix that (yes there's a longer inner barrel on that ps90)
  7. In my pinion, it might sound loud to you since the gearbox is right next to your head when your using it, but if your on the receiving end it shouldn't be that loud to be honest, but then again you can always do what people have done with the AUG and P90 which was to get sound dampening foam/materials and fit it/pad the area around the gearbox, that said i don't know how much space there is around the gearbox in the Type 97 since I don't have one so it might be an idea if there's enough space
  8. is this what your after? im not sure tbh http://www.rksplus.com/HK-G36-and-SL8-Tactical-Aluminium-Handguard Altho pming ollie_ty might be an idea also does any one know if this: http://www.rksplus.com/HK-G36-Ambidextrous-Mag-Release will fit onto a TM G36?
  9. *fruitcage* WHY! it was such a nice looking AEG as well well here's to hoping that there's going to be loads of these going second hand if they start failing and people can't be bothered to get them fixed, then you can pick up a bargain lol
  10. YES! YES! YES! *runs off to get a new set of underwear* I cannot wait for the gearbox tear down
  11. I don't suppose any one knows where I can get an original g36 mag well? I kinda lost mine lol
  12. God damn when you do something Noveske you bloody don't half do it right! any chance of a parts list?
  13. also was gonna ask that so +1 please!
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