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  1. Short Mk46 Inner barrel still the same. Same awsome range and accuracy it had before, but almost 4 pounds lighter. Some purists may have a heart attack. Enviado do meu iPad usando Tapatalk
  2. Are those things compatible with the Z Sordin ? I plan to to same with my IBH.
  3. Looking great, fellas! Nice Job
  4. Sixty Gunner powered by A&K and Flash Power (i did drink a lot of that stuff during this 24 hours event)
  5. From the last National event, Operation Tears of the Sun. São Paulo, Brazil.
  6. Custom made molle sheath for my Kukri. I'm loving it
  7. Thank man. You made my day Some other pics of my tem in our Full CQB layout. These were taken yesterday. Our team is constatly invited to serve as Op. Force in the Brazilian Army Course. We provide the AEGs and they help us with a great exchange of tactical drills and tips. Its a win win partnership.
  8. Ayo Gurkhali ! I'm searching for a molle sheath for my kukri. I'll probably have to custom order it.
  9. All my CB/Tan stuff. My team is planning on get 3 color desert BDUs. We are currently wearing M81. Cheers
  10. The best I got was "product sample" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. The funniest declared stuff comes from Hong Kong. I got surgery instruments once. LOL

  12. Your package declared as a "paperweight" made me laugh! The gun looks slick..............

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