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  1. I love my WE SCAR-L, but it does have some issues. My hinge plate hasn't cracked (put some Mole Skin on the end of the guide rod), but my stock has completely broken. The tab on the locking mechanism broke, so I have to use it folded now. Also the internals of the stock seem to have shredded themselves, leaving me with a stock that I have to use in the shortest position possible. I am trying to have Airsoft Extreme rectify these problems, but as always their customer service is lacking.


    Hope everyone is having good experiences with these replicas! They are great for the money, but not without issues.


  2. I picked up one of the new(ish) Tokyo Marui HiCapa 4.3 Xtremes the other day, and have just finished some light mods. More are coming, though are not installed yet. So far the list of mods is simply a slide and a tightbore, along with valves in the magazines. I have a steel outer barrel on the way, and am considering a different texture on the drip. I would love to pick up some tritium sights for it, but haven't made a decision on that yet.







  3. neros131 - You may have some issues using the DD gas block on a stock WA M4. Because the grooves for the pins are not spaced correctly one (or both) of these grooves may be visible after you've mounted the DD gas block. The only option would be to purchase an Inokatsu front set. Apparently they use the proper pin spacing for a real front sight block on their barrels.


    Personally I'd avoid the s-mag because I like having the option of using my bolt stop. Besides it's one of the main reasons why most of us purchase a WA M4.


    Worst case scenario is I just pick a longer low-profile gas block to cover the second pin. Not a big deal to me.


    The S-Mags are so much cheaper, though! But you are right, the bolt stop is half the fun, and giving that up would be lame.

  4. I have most of my build decided on as of now.


    Daniel Defense Omega 10" or POF P9X (leaning towards the POF)

    Magpul MIAD

    Magpul CTR

    Tango Down Short Vertical Grip

    Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas block

    Knock-Off Docter Sight

    RA-Tech Hop Up

    RA-Tech Bolt Stop

    RA-Tech hammer

    PDI 210mm 6.01 Barrel


    The only think left for me to really decide on is whether to base it off the WA M4A1 or Delta M4A1. I don't plan on buying a new body anytime soon, so I am trying to decide if it is worth paying the extra for the trades.


    Also, I know it has been asked to death, but does anyone have real chrono results for the PDI 6.01 210mm barrel? I need it close to 400, if possible, with .25's.


    Lastly, had anyone used the new Simplified magazines? The ones without the bolt stops? I am trying to decide if it is worth the price difference to have the working bolt stop all the time.

  5. That depends. A lot of people switch out most of the body parts anyways. The bulls-eye hop-up system is designed a little better than the original stock one. The magazine is black instead of gray, and there might be some other improvements elsewhere. They don't really show the bolt stop or list any other differences. For those people who want just the base system and is gonna be swapping parts and getting a g&p metal body and RS rail system anyways, then $400ish for the guts is a pretty darn good deal. We won't know the true shipping price of the new ones until they hit retailers so we'll just have to wait and see.


    Does anyone even know when they will be officially released?


    I am probably going to stick with the stock body and get a RA-Tech hop up and bolt stop. I was just going to buy some of the "S-Type" magazines, even though they don't have a bolt stop. I can worry about super-fly bodies later, I want it working with a full set of magazines first.

  6. It's basically the same thing. The hop-up set is the bulls-eye one instead, but it's still made out of plastic. Bolt stop is functional, but the bolt is dark like the RIS versions. The reason why it's cheaper is it doesn't have an RIS and a full carry handle (which is by far the best one i've ever had). Magazines i believe are black in color instead of the grayish ones they made before. And like you've stated...there's no trademarks of any kine.


    So, in other words, not worth the minor price decrease. And it is minor, only $100. by the time it is in the us (whether shipped or retail), it will be $500 anyways. Might as well pop the extra $100.

  7. Nice looking wear for sure! Worn AK's make me all warm and fuzzy. :) I could post a few pics of a friend's beat-to-sh!t Guarder 74, but I'm going to wait till I can post my own of my RS 56-1... [after it's been dragged behind a truck for a good 10-15 minutes.. :D ]


    How are you liking the Type 56-1?

  8. Good point..I never thought of that, but then again not quite sure. It really has to be seen in person to get somewhat of an idea. I'll see if i can find a reference photo of some sort.


    Don't get me wrong, it looks awesome! I was just saying, from a purely realistic standpoint I think it would fade.

  9. Not quite sure if an overlaying coat would do much, but i intend to keep it the way it is once it gets mounted on and gets more use. And yes I did do somewhat of a light touch with the lighter, i allowed it to blacken as much as possible, cool down for a second, and then wiped the black away with a napkin which then left the remaining dark spots. If you look at it in person it looks like its just been in the sun with a lot of sun damage added to it..like a bad sunburn i guess


    Wouldn't the sun fade the paint, not make it darker? Or did I miss something?

  10. neros131 - nice pistol. I like it.


    Hahaha, glad to hear it! I was going to try to find some other bits to throw on, but I like it how it is. The only things that I can think of are a new MSH with a recessed lanyard loop, maybe a new trigger. Other than that, I am leaving it alone. Even those upgrades are only tentative.

  11. If someone wants to run their suck about something they don't know about, they deserve to get monkey stomped by those in the know. Too nice? Sheeeeiit.


    Fair enough. I hope he isn't going to die from humiliation...

  12. Really...


    ...However, if you look at the other team members who have the same AK's (with their unusual muzzle breaks) they lack the distinctive armor and helmets of the TsSN teams and sport a lot of non-Russian equipment.


    Such a grilling. Let the poor kid go, he was just talking about something he clearly had no real knowledge of!

  13. nice work but you should weather the sidemount more. you've weathered around the dimple and the mount is far more raised so should be very worn indeed.

    i'd also recommend going over everything that you've left un weathered with a scotch brite pad. they weather slowly and allow better control over the effects so you can easily thin the paintwork rather than remove it entirely (i used this technique on my AKS74, thinned all of the paint and silvered raised areas.

    also a bit of a shame you weathered around the dimple as its actually slightly recessed and would therefore receive LESS wear. wouldnt look so bad if you wore down the rest of the reciever a bit though.


    I did use a Scotch-Brite pad. The dimples themselves aren't worn, the lips is. If you think about it, the lip is more likely to be worn than the flat areas since it is a edge. Now, if the actual recessed area was worn, that would be odd. The mount is worn, but you are right about it needing more. Scotch-Brite, here I come!


    Pictures I used for reference:








    How do you guys give your guns the weathered look?


    Any techniques?


    Go buy some cheapo Scotch-Brite pads. They work better than sandpaper or steel wool, and work more slowly so that you can control the wear more. Read Guinness' guide about weathering metal, and find tons of photos for reference pictures!




    Most of the replicas in here are artificially worn, not from regular abuse. The reality is that no matter how much you airsoft, you aren't patrolling for days on end. Your gun will never see the same amount of use, and won't ever get the same wear as a real one.

  14. What is your G36C? If it was a JG or CA, then yes. they're interchangable. I have both TM and CA bodies on my JG G36K.


    Awesome. I have a broken GB in the CA G36C, but I was looking at a used TM G36C. I wanted to put the CA body on the used TM.

  15. scotch brite pads are great for weathering folks, very controllable and less scratchy that sandpaper or wire wool.


    Scotch-Brite pads reaklly are the way to go. It looks more even and less like sand paper, and it is way more controllable since it takes longer to do the wear. Much more reasonable to use, and way cheaper. I think all of mine to weather my AK were $2 (US).


    Ooooo Ooooo, I finally got an AK (used to have a 74U).




    What brand is that AK? Looks like Real Sword to me, but I could be wrong.

  16. Quick G36 noob question:

    I have a broken G36C (brothers). The selector and GB are fubar'd completely. If I bought a used TM G36, could I just drop the internals in? Or a new TM compatible GB?


    My main question is whether TM and CA bodies are interchangeable.

  17. Its probably what he could get his hands on. If you ever see field pictures of Russian soldiers, they are pretty rag-tag.


    It is part of their charm.


    For those Type 56 owners, do you prefer the solid or folding stock? What are they like? I am shopping for one in the coming weeks...

  18. It's a STAR GP-30 I got here in the forums. It doesn't fit on my ICS AK74 (contrary to the picture), but friction and a little e-tape fixed that. :D


    It becomes more a super spread shotgun, rather than a concentrated burst of BBs. Madbull gold shells just barely stay inside the GP-30. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world. :P


    Also, to note: Nero, your picture did spark the whole weathering activity of mine. Yours looks great!


    Hahahaha, AKs really look unnatural without some weathering. Yours looks just right, and the GP-30 looks pretty hot, too.


    I really want to grab a GP-30 from my local Airsoft place, but I think that my Real Sword Type 56 is going to come first. This is going to happen in a few weeks, I just bought a whole bunch of new gear. I can guarantee that once I get it, the wood and body are getting aged and weathered!

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