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  1. I am loving it. Very much like mine! Which GP-30 is that? I have been looking at a few, and was wondering which are worth it?
  2. There will be plenty more! Tomorrow will be a photo project day... I love old school 1911's, they are so clean an pure. Rails can be good looking, but mostly just clutter up guns.
  3. Yeah, it is a Guarder kit. I like it for the most part. It was really easy to install, barely any time with a dremel at all. I will be snapping some more photos tomorrow, I hope to get some lighting that is less harsh.
  4. Well, I see my pistol isn't so special here! Doesn't hurt to throw some photos out here anyways:
  5. Only at the very beginning. I decided it was wearing too fast, and went and bought some Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty pads. They worked much better, and produced some excellent wear. The best way to wear it, without a doubt, is the Scotch-Brite pads. They are so much easier to control the wear with since they are slower.
  6. Some photos of my weathered AK-74M: Let me know your thoughts on it! I can post the photos I used for the pattern if anyone is interested.
  7. Hope this doesn't constitute a necropost, but here is my offering! A worn AK-74M (Tokyo Marui AK-74MN to be exact). I can post the photos I used for reference upon request, but they are in the "AK and Variants" thread in the photos section.
  8. Here are a few more of my AK-74M after weathering:
  9. Yeah, I think it turned out well. The handguards have plenty of little knicks and inperfections even though they look shiny. I am a fan of it just as is! Just for the record, here are the photos I used for reference. Worn front-end, worn edges, mostly plain receiver.
  10. Here is the TM AK-74M post-weathering! I think it turned out fine, I based it off real photos... Any recommendations? I think it turned out great, but let me know your thoughts!
  11. Thanks a million! I will have some more photos of the AK up after I put the time into weathering it.
  12. TM AK74MN I plan on trying some weathering out this coming week. I am thinking either 1000 grit sandpaper or 000 steel wool. Any suggestions or links to guides?
  13. I have had a TM AK-74MN for a few months now (birthday present from the girlfriend), and it is awesome! I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever, standard TM reliability. My experience has put it on the same level as the TM M14 for accuracy, and its power and ROF are both good, too. As far as the mags go, they are better than any other midcaps I have used. I wouldn't say its worth it, but they are a nice change towards reliable mags that feed to the last BB. I like the fact that TM are willing to make changes to magazines to better them, I am ###### at them over their midcaps being so
  14. On the under-folders, he is right. Even the TM likes to snap off its mounts. Cyma and JG are no different than what they clone, so you frequently end up with no stock. Side-folders are completely different. I personally meant a Real Sword Type 56-1, and I was just wondering if people have a preference for the under-folders or full stock. Personally, I love how the under-folders look, and that is what I am leaning towards. I as mostly just wondering about actual use. What are the advantages for each one?
  15. So, while we have all the AK experts here, I have a quick question: I love the looks of the Type 56-1, but buying an AK with no stock makes me nervous. I have a TM AK-74MN, so I have some AK experience already, but what do you guys think about this? Are there any major issues with under-folders?
  16. How has it been treating you? Any new developments? I have been shopping around for either an AKMS or AIMS. I hate to have to spend so much on yet another AK, but I love how they look.
  17. The biggest issue with the clones is the reliability. It might be fine out of the box, but use it a few times and they tend to fall apart in your hands. I still would trust TM to make a more reliable and consistent gun than any of the Chinese clones. They are catching up to TM and VFC, but they aren't there yet.
  18. As a sidearm, this would last you all day easily. The batteries have been getting between 500-700 shots with mine, so I would not worry about capacity. I bought two batteries and haven't run into any issues yet. My experience has been the same. The gun is as accurate as many AEGs even though it has a lower FPS, and can contend with them right out of the box. TM has really made a great little gun here, accurate and super compact! As I said in the review, keep the MP7 in its home field (CQB) and you wont run into a single problem! Aim for the bare parts on someone and you wont
  19. Tokyo Marui HK MP7A1 Introduction: I have recently started playing more CQB at my local field, CQB City in Stockton, California. I started out using my AK-74MN from Tokyo Marui, but found that too difficult to maneuver, and my Tokyo Marui 1911 is too underpowered to be a primary. This led me to a hunt for a “in-between” SMG, and I focused primarily upon P90’s and MP5’s from Tokyo Marui. The closed I came to making a decision, the more I wanted to be able to use the gun inside the kill house, which led me back towards Machine Pistols. The MP7 was then brought to my attention, and I started
  20. I am looking into grabbing a Beamshot 100X kit for it, along with a Mode 2 silencer for it. It should be a hot little skirmish piece after all this! I think the gearbox upgrades and tightbore will be coming first, though.
  21. Yeah, they are snazzy little guns. Surprisingly accurate, too. I am really looking forward to my game tomorrow, CQB night game. Should be a perfect test for the MP7.
  22. I am thinking of a Beamshot 1000 for a laser... Anyone got anything to say about it?
  23. I might go pick one up this coming Monday...
  24. Anybody have experience with the TM MK23? I was thinking about picking one up to compliment the MP7...
  25. How does the light mount on the fore grip?
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