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  1. Is it attached with zip-ties?
  2. Well, I don't ever really fret over dropping my guns. They are meant to be used, even if they are expensive. replacement parts aren't THAT hard to find, its not like I am using WA M4s here! As far as JG goes, they are great guns for the price range, but really aren't anything interesting compared to a number of other manufacturers. They are awesome entry level guns that let you compete right off the bat, but they are limited in upgrades. I would rather buy a TM AK and upgrade it with some aftermarket parts rather than buy a JG and upgrade it to be like the TM. Thats just my take on it.
  3. Well, relative to what? I disassembled the hop-up and barrel right after I bought the used JG M4S, and it was a really miserable set up compared to my old CA M15A4 and my current AK-74MN. The bucking is really thin and flimsy, nothing like the TM hop-up. The entire unit is sub par. Yet again, you have to take them for what they are. Jing Gong and Echo1 make very respectable entry rifles, but I would get a higher quality example as soon as possible. Pick one that shares magazines with the one you want eventually, and invest in a nicer weapon quickly.
  4. I bought a used JG M4 S-System as a backup gun for my TM AK-74MN, and I hated it. The gun was fairly solid and had a great FPS reading (385), but its hop up was so terrible my TM 1911 outranged it easily. It was far too inaccurate. You run into a lot of issues when you buy cheaply made guns, and you definitely pay for it in their usability. Well, I would never use the MP7 as a secondary, it is purely a primary for CQB. It could be a primary or secondary in Woodland, but you run into a bunch of issues. It really is a CQB animal. I think the biggest reason that people don't like it
  5. I really think that any dislike is completely unfounded. You have to take it for what it is, a AEG/AEP hybrid... It is Tokyo Marui. I am not really a fan of Chinese clones diluting the market. Even if they are way cheaper, the quality is terrible, making them completely unworthy of purchasing by anyone who actually enjoys Airsoft as a sport.
  6. I love my MP7! I will be using it almost exclusively this Saturday in the local CQB night game, so I will be bale to affirm my love with a review after that. I don't understand why people hate it so much, its the perfect CQB weapon: It doesn't hurt too badly for the recipient of my fire, its super compact, and its got a good ROF to out-do the GBBs that are used by most of the opposition (at least indoors...)!
  7. A couple more! Also, I just got a tactical light for my CQB night game this Saturday. I went with a NiteCore Defender Infinity, too narrow to be mounted on the gun, but perfect for simultaneous carrying. Pictures of the two upcoming!
  8. Just got this from the local AEX. I would love to hear peoples thoughts on accessories and gear to compliment the new gun!
  9. Just got the Saiga mount today. I threw this Aimpoint on it, I don't know how usual that is for AKs, could someone enlighten me? AK-74MN with Saiga scope mount, Aimpoint, and single-point sling.
  10. My girlfriend just bought me mine. Tee Hee Hee, I am so elated! pictures tomorrow, mags ordered the next day!
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