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  1. Steel slide MK25 build. I just need to find a shop to laser the anchor on the slide for me. Steel P226 MK25 by Neil Hoggard, on Flickr
  2. I was going by the official GR Breakpoint Cosplay guide that Ubisoft put out when the game released.
  3. I don't care what the reviewers say, its a fun game. Nomad's M17 by Neil Hoggard, on Flickr
  4. So the old thread was archived, and after years of begging my wife, I finally have a room in the house for all of my airsoft guns and nerd stuff. Gun wall 1 by Neil Hoggard, on Flickr
  5. WE M18 by Neil Hoggard, on Flickr
  6. Just about finished. I just need to pick out a set of BUIS. Krytac SBR
  7. Same here, I would love a marui based commander with novaks. Hopefully Nova will maybe release a kit eventually.
  8. Yeah, picked it up a few weeks ago.
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