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    4 ICS MP5s, TM P90, 5 Cyma CM.030 G18c AEPs, 2 DE M81 USP AEPs, DE M84 M92f AEP, DE UMP, JG Aug, JG G36c, JG AK Beta Spetz, JLS SCAR, A&K S-System, 3 1/2 Well R7 M4s, 2 DE M86 AK47s, 3 BE Augs, 2 Cyma CM.027 MP5s (one converted to MP5/10), 1 1/2 Well R5 Mp5s, Well R8, Jieke M93r AEP, 3 BE SL8s, BE G36K, 3 DE M47 shotties, and numerous other lpegs and springers. Also a TON of mags.
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  1. Here's a quickie Aug 9mm converter. Built off a M4 converter. Camera flash made the paint look weird. other pics....
  2. It's from a Well springer G3. Needed some reinforcement to be skirmishable.
  3. My current H&K collection Well, not exactly. There's a few there that don't actually exist.....but should
  4. Here's some random stuff.... NAP9 SMG Glock AEP based ------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom UMP9 magazine ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also these things.... MP7K 9mm & SL8 Shorty. Not so much 'home made', as 'assaulted with a hacksaw'
  5. Prepare to suffer...... Work in progress. Galaxy MP7 modded to take Uzi mags. I did something else to it, but I can't quite remember what No friggin idea where the battery is going. Possibly enough room for a small lipo cell on either side of the barrel. Or I could use an Eotech battery box. other pics...
  6. Haven't updated mine for awhile.... Terrible picture taking skills, and quite a few things missing (no room)
  7. Happy Birthday, foo'.

  8. A couple of my recent projects TDI Kriss & SuperGlock..................AEP oddities -------------------------------------------------------------------- TDI Kriss: Built with a Cyma CM.030, a bunch of spare parts, and a lot of elbow grease. Nineball; power spring, bearings, spring guide, piston & piston head, 165mm Dee's custom 6.01 tightbore, 8.4v 1500mah nimh, mosfet (Airtronics burst unit) Construction thread http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=49814.0 Image gallery http://www.airsoftretreat.com/gallery/show...123&ppuser= ---------
  9. I definitely plan on using it. I just gotta perfect the double mag changing. I came up with the idea for it midway through my Kriss project. It sorta resembles a mini Kriss, but with twice the firepower
  10. WARNING! Glock purists (is there a such thing?) look away from the screen BEHOLD.........THE SUPERGLOCK!! Conjoined Cyma CM.030s powered by a 7.4v 1250mah LiPo through a mosfet triggered by the rear Glock's trigger switch. 30rps!! (15rps per Glock) In progress pics
  11. "You know the whole 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy?..........Well I'm about to tell ya sumthin"
  12. E-Bay seller 'concept1clothing'
  13. I rebuilt the magwell around modified UMP mags. Construction Thread
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