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    I hope you can see this, I'm doing it as hard as I can
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    The world's first airsoft Kriss Super V
    4 ICS MP5s, TM P90, 5 Cyma CM.030 G18c AEPs, 2 DE M81 USP AEPs, DE M84 M92f AEP, DE UMP, JG Aug, JG G36c, JG AK Beta Spetz, JLS SCAR, A&K S-System, 3 1/2 Well R7 M4s, 2 DE M86 AK47s, 3 BE Augs, 2 Cyma CM.027 MP5s (one converted to MP5/10), 1 1/2 Well R5 Mp5s, Well R8, Jieke M93r AEP, 3 BE SL8s, BE G36K, 3 DE M47 shotties, and numerous other lpegs and springers. Also a TON of mags.
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    Your perfect grammer doesn't help you when you're on the floor bleeding out your nose
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    Sandusky, Ohio - Home of Cedar Point amusement park
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    Airsoft (of course), Amateur powerlifting, Robotics (pneumatics, hydraulics), Chevys.

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  1. Epyon

    Glock Picture Thread

    I definitely plan on using it. I just gotta perfect the double mag changing. I came up with the idea for it midway through my Kriss project. It sorta resembles a mini Kriss, but with twice the firepower
  2. Epyon

    Glock Picture Thread

    WARNING! Glock purists (is there a such thing?) look away from the screen BEHOLD.........THE SUPERGLOCK!! Conjoined Cyma CM.030s powered by a 7.4v 1250mah LiPo through a mosfet triggered by the rear Glock's trigger switch. 30rps!! (15rps per Glock) In progress pics
  3. Epyon

    AK machine pistol Beta mag.JPG

    Both, It's a normal V.3 gearbox.
  4. Epyon

    MP-R7 9mm.JPG

    Here you go http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=102680
  5. Epyon


    It's a 250% scale robotic arm.
  6. Epyon


    The trigger mech is locked in 'pump-fire' mode. I have the shottie mounted on a G36K at the moment. It looks pretty dumb though
  7. Epyon

    Patriot SD 3.JPG

    It's the RIS type thingie that comes with the Double Eagle Famas springer.
  8. Epyon

    Patriot SD 1.JPG

    Given the effective range of this thing with .20's (about 15 feet) the sights work. Why no MP5K? I already got one. lol

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