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    I hope you can see this, I'm doing it as hard as I can
  • Birthday 07/14/1979

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    The world's first airsoft Kriss Super V
    4 ICS MP5s, TM P90, 5 Cyma CM.030 G18c AEPs, 2 DE M81 USP AEPs, DE M84 M92f AEP, DE UMP, JG Aug, JG G36c, JG AK Beta Spetz, JLS SCAR, A&K S-System, 3 1/2 Well R7 M4s, 2 DE M86 AK47s, 3 BE Augs, 2 Cyma CM.027 MP5s (one converted to MP5/10), 1 1/2 Well R5 Mp5s, Well R8, Jieke M93r AEP, 3 BE SL8s, BE G36K, 3 DE M47 shotties, and numerous other lpegs and springers. Also a TON of mags.
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    Your perfect grammer doesn't help you when you're on the floor bleeding out your nose
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    United States

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    Sandusky, Ohio - Home of Cedar Point amusement park
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    Airsoft (of course), Amateur powerlifting, Robotics (pneumatics, hydraulics), Chevys.

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