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  1. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    A couple of ideas/developments. First, .20s made basically no difference. I also tried cleaning the hop rubber in case it was simply too greasy, still no impact. I decided to give it a second, more thorough clean last night and oh boy, did a lot of brownish looking grease come off it. I'll give it a go next game I go to (sadly nowhere to test it where I live). The weird thing is, when I got the pistol the hop worked fine, maybe not the rangiest pistol ever but it's a compact with low FPS so that's not especially surprising.
  2. ninja master of coffee

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Agreed. My CYMA CM040d shoots extremely well, it has a steel body, and has only needed a spring downgrade. I like Tokyo Marui stuff, and still favour their pistols over other brands for the most part (if I can afford them) but I think a lot of the "Tokyo Marui are the best and everyone else is just copying them!" is basically just snobbishness at this point. If they inovate, cool, good on them, but they're not the only company to inovate. I'd say the availability of more models at lower prices has done a lot to allow more people to get into the hobby.
  3. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Just a thought on the ineffective hop on the G 23. Could it be that the pistol simply can't hop .25g BBs? I used it again last weekend and had the same issue, regardless of hop setting, the BBs arc down like there's no hop set after about 12 meters. So I'm going to give .20g BBs a go.
  4. ninja master of coffee

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Here's hoping it comes with hop-up and doesn't put out crazy high FPS.
  5. ninja master of coffee

    HFC CO2 Flintlock pistol finally coming out

    Cool idea, far to expensive for what it is considering the manufacturer and that it's a fairly simple design (edited from original since it looks to be a manual repeater). Plus, lots of ugly looking screws and such an ill fitting clam shell design on the "wood" parts that there's a very visible gap between the two halves in the photos.
  6. ninja master of coffee

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    Most people still use AEGs, the haven't really changed in any meaningful way in the last 3 years. You can still be entirely competitive with a pretty ancient AEG so long as the hop is decent. Also, most of the stuff airsofters buy adds relatively little to their performance. Just get stuck in and have fun!
  7. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I was able to do some testing today, the results are kind of annoying. ML barrel and hop rubber averaged 220 FPS. KJW barrel and hop rubber averaged 235 FPS. KJW barrel and ML hop rubber averaged 230 FPS. ML barrel and KJW hop rubber didn't fit together. I noticed that with the ML barrel, the rubber sits quite far back in the chamber. I think this might be causing problems. Like an idiot I didn't order the ML hop chamber, so I might go ahead and do that.
  8. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I've ordered the 84mm crazy jet barrel and the 50% auto bot bucking. I'll see how it goes, should be here in a week or so.
  9. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Good to know, thanks! I'll order the ML barrel and hop rubber and see how it goes. One other thing, presumably the KP17 magazines work in the G23? I asked rainbow 8 but they said they didn't know...
  10. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Good points on the CO2 magazines. I'm looking at the maple leaf hop rubber and crazy jet inner barrel. Has anyone got experience with these? Thanks.
  11. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    One other question for anyone who may have tried this already. Any ideas what would happen if I tried the KJW CO2 Glock 17 magazine in this? It's the plastic slide model so I have a feel the answer is "your Glock would explode".
  12. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Currently, yes. I used it again today, ran more or less fine, aside from running out of gas before the magazine was finished, though that can just been compact sized magazines. The range is still poor though.
  13. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    I decided to chronograph the Glock today. This was indoors, using .25 gram BBs. With the hop set it clocked in at an average of 230fps, so quite low. I figured this might be the hop being over set so I turned it off, resulting in an velocity of... 230fps. Now, something I've noticed is that the hop makes no real difference to the range, apparent FPS, or trajectory. I spoke to a friend and he suggested that it could be an over volumed barrel, as that would drop the FPS and interfere with the hop actually doing anything. I've also checked that the hop actually functions when I adjust it and it does, so, maybe a replacement barrel. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
  14. ninja master of coffee

    KJW Glock 23 light striking issue.

    Yes, it seems the hammer spring was causing light striking in hot weather. I need to test it more extensively and chronograph it once the magazine has warmed up some as the lack of range is concerning. Even with the hop turned up it's just not shooting that far and has a trajectory like it has no hop. I've checked and the hop is dropping when I adjust it so I'm not really sure what's going on there... I think at this stage I don't want to put too much more money into it, though if anyone has any experience or advice I'm interested to know.
  15. ninja master of coffee

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Interesting that they've opted for the 5.45mm AK-12 and not the 7.62x39mm AK-15. I guess it's a small country so introducing a totally new cartridge isn't as big a deal as it could be. Yeah, most of the pics of Russian troops in Syria show AK-74M with the odd AK-103 IIRC.

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