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  1. So I got my vintage KWA M18C to work reliably . Pics coming soon. My question to you folks is will real steel Glock magazine baseplates work on KWA mags? I see one fellow put them on a TM mag, I am wondering if I can put the Vickers Tactical mag base plates on my mags.
  2. Got any pics or guides on how to install a hop up in an ACM m500? I plan to exactly that to mine and I want to know how others have done it.
  3. That M4 is pure sex. How much did the anodizing cost you?
  4. This is a combo of three M4s and the accessories that came with them. ~6 months in the making Details: -JG M4 Base, gearbox (stock internals, with Classic Army Full Metal Teeth Piston) -Classic Army Crane Stock, RIS hand guard from a M15A4 CQBR -DBoys buffer tube, sling plate, motor pistol grip *Egro Grip Style*, and folding BUIS back up iron sight from customized Dboys M4 -DBoys PEQ2 Battery Box with Intellect 9.6v 1600mah NiCad battery -Magpul PTS Flat Dark Earth Angled Foregrip *AFG* -Troy Industries Flat Dark Rail Cover *left side* -Aimpoint M3 Clone on high rise scope ring -Mo
  5. Do you guys mind posting pictures of the lower handguard of the TM? JG SIG 552 rifles? I bought two beater JG/ Cybergun Sig 552s, gonna make one a working gun, and both are missing the lower part of the handguard. I need pictures of the right side, left side, the part the pin goes in, and the part that locks the stock in the folded position. Plan is to make a bare bones quadrail kinda deal to fit where the lower handguard goes, and I need some references for where it connects to the receiver and folded stock. Thanks in advance
  6. I am looking at the internals of the TM Recoil engine guns online, and I have a quick question for those who disassembled the unit: How far does the recoil weight move? I am guessing around a 1 inch stroke from the videos and the component size, but can anyone confirm?
  7. Bought a used Ares/ Umarex G36C used on craiglist with Intellect 8.4v 1600mah battery and 5 mags for $200, and other than me ripping off the charging handle when yanking on it hard several times when doing speed reloads, and the fact that a few screws come loose on the gearbox after a while, I have to say I am happy with mine. I read reviews talking about the amazing externals and the bad internals, so I knew what I was getting myself into and purchased lots of spare internal parts on craigslist for all my AEGs. By the way, did I mention craiglist is a bargain for finding used airsoft par
  8. Does refinishing count? Refinished my KSC Airsoft GBB Glock 18C today. Need to touch up some areas, fix slide catch problem, and fix trigger spring problem. http://imageshack.us/g/577/dsc07239l.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/g/841/dsc07226e.jpg/
  9. Refinished my KSC Airsoft GBB Glock 18C today. Need to touch up some areas, fix slide catch problem, and fix trigger spring problem. http://imageshack.us/g/577/dsc07239l.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/g/841/dsc07226e.jpg/
  10. Thanks mate. Looking at the photos on their website gave me an idea: replace the scratched front glass with clear lexan, and in the center of the sight, fabricate a clear tapered post that will draw light from the LED and make the red dot, just like the SUSAT sight on the British L85. Since the exterior of the sight is where the adjustment screws go, it should be relatively straight forward. Edit: For reference, this is the piece of kit that Aznriptide was talking about. Pretty neat http://www.m1bullpup.com/index.php?q=remt3b
  11. Hey Azn, got a TM P90 used with missing charging handles and some scratch marks on the front lens of the built in red dot. I am curious, what modification did you do to the red dot of your P90? Looks interesting, and I might just take out the front lens of the red dot and replace it with a piece of lexan with a reticule professionally etched onto it.
  12. Package received, left some good feedback of you on the US Sales feedback forum :)

  13. Stupid question, but I may buy this used off a friend: -What is the largest Mah size and type battery can you fit in the forend?
  14. The OP mentioned that he disassembled the red dot scope that came with the Tavor. Anyone got pictures of the guts of said red dot? I am planning to machine and fabricate a red dot scope, and would like to use it as a reference.
  15. So how long was the wait time? ETA: Out of curiosity, what camera did you use?
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