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  1. I recently purchased one of these from Sporting Kent in Ramsgate. It came complete with a drum mag too! When I chronoed, it barely reached 210 fps with .2's, also the hop was far too aggressive, not because of the actual hop unit but the nub moulded into the rubber itself stood too proud. Therfore there was no hop up effect and the 'drag' imposed on the bb probably accounted for the low fps. After some experimentation I fitted an R-Hop, the barrel cut out window accepted the patch very well and I removed the u shaped prong on the hop arm, and glued a flat block to give even pressure on the
  2. One issue I have noticed is that the lower receiver halves are begining to ease apart around the magwell. One consequence of this is the previously secure midcaps drop out easily, also my hi-caps are very loose. I scraped paint away from the mating surfaces, applied epoxy glue and clamped the halves together. When dry I applied a small recanglular piece of plasticard and bonded in place for extra support. This seems to have cured the problem,it is somewhat reminiscent of problems with the TM MP5.
  3. After looking back at photo's of Crackisbad's 556 I decided to add a bit of paint etc before using it next, here are the pics I hope the pictures have come out ok, this is my first attept! Both lenses of the scope still have masking compound in place so may not look quite right.
  4. I agree the hop unit and rubber is extremely good, I have a spare G&P 120 motor which I might pop in. This really is a great buy.
  5. I have now been able to spend some time inside this AEG. I experimented with various aftermarket metal hop units, including the Systema model, all returned lower fps figures than the stock plastic unit as fitted. However the stock barrel I am sceptical about for the following reasons. It has been stated in other reviews that it is a 6.04 TB, I don't beleive it is, also I think it is of poor quality and seems to get dirty very quickly. This could be as it is fabricated from soft aluminium and is not highly polished. In addition it is not quite long enough to clear the muzzle. It is not a good f
  6. I have a number of midcaps made by a company called S.ARMS Co Ltd, from Korea. What makes them interesting is that they hold 160 BB's! They feed flawlesley in my 556, also I use the Mag 170 round mids, these work also. These are all made from metal. When I had my Massada I had some Magpul P mags which held about 120 BB's, these never seemed to work in any AEG so I sold them! In fact I have never had much luck with any plastic midcaps. For Hicaps I now exclusively use Lonex flash mags. These work perfectly in every M4 type AEG, in fact they work so well I dumped the boxmag for my M249 a
  7. Interestingly one other chap had a 556 on the day, his was brand new and unused. It locked up after immediately, and on inspection the motor was the same as mine, and wired with the wrong polarity! Must have been a dodgy batch methinks.
  8. Well I had the opotunity to give my 556 a good run out today. I used it for most of the day and put about 2000 BB's through it. The only negative is the weight, which got to me after a while, the gameplay was intensive woodland with getting on for 100 players in attendence. I also took my ICS M4 and a G&P M4 to compare with the 556 on the range. All my AEG's have TB's and are tuned to 350fps, the 556 was more accurate than both the other high end models, ROF was a little less however that is not important to me. Overall I am extremely impressed, however I will not add any other
  9. Thanks for the review, nice. I recently bought one of these, albeit the blow back version. Mine chronos at 310 - 315 fps when the hop is set, I took to a skirmish but did not use it apart from setting the hop and testing on the range. I beleive they are cut above the usual sportsline type AEG, and well worth a punt.
  10. The nozzle was worth a try as they are cheap enough! So I have done the following so far to mine:- (1). Re-greased and re-shimmed. (2). Fitted metal bearing spring guide. (3). Fitted an old M100 (probably 7 years old and well used).. (4). Guarder clear rubber. (5). Element 6.04 TB. (6). Fitted a larger nub. (7). Removed the fuse and small Tamya connector, fitted a Deans. The FPS is now fairly consistent at at between 350 and 354, so is skirmishable in the UK. The ROF is very much better with a 7.4V Lipo. The side wall of the receiver on the left side is begining to fail,
  11. Strange about the motor, it turns as it should with this odd wiring, and the AEG cycles fine! I dont remember seeing it when I first stripped it down either. Crackisbad - fitted the nozzle and tested and I don't think it is compatible, fps dropped to 250 with a M100 fitted! Shame as it fitted nicely and looks nice!
  12. The fps on mine is really quite consistent, but with most sites in the UK requiring AEG's to be under 350 fps I will have to go to a M90. One thing I found is that the motor is wired oddly, the black wire goes to the red terminal, I only discovered this on reassembly for the first time!
  13. Many thanks, new nozzle on order! Interestingly after fitting a M110 and regreasing and shimming etc the fps still was in the 390 region! I stripped again and fitted a M100 and this returned an fps of 360-370! The only other change I made was the addition of a Element AK length TB and a Guarder clear rubber. Will have to wait for my next game to check the accuracy.
  14. I have taken the AEG down now and found it fairly simple and logical. The interior of mine is identical to Crackisbad's, however thre is quite a bit of debris in the gunky green grease. I even found a large lump of solder mixed in and it would have caused issues eventually. The tappet plate seems well made and more robust than that normally found in either low end or even high end AEG's. I am not too concerned about the loss of compression around the nozzle - hey I had to put up with a similar problem with my Magpul Masada! I will fit a M110 and regrease and chrono.
  15. Many thanks for the guide, I should be able to work from that, I have a spare AK length TB so will probably fit this and a TM rubber. As you have done I shall change the spring guide as I doubt the stock plastic one will last long!
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