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    Well Vz 61 Skorpion AEP

    I recently purchased one of these from Sporting Kent in Ramsgate. It came complete with a drum mag too! When I chronoed, it barely reached 210 fps with .2's, also the hop was far too aggressive, not because of the actual hop unit but the nub moulded into the rubber itself stood too proud. Therfore there was no hop up effect and the 'drag' imposed on the bb probably accounted for the low fps. After some experimentation I fitted an R-Hop, the barrel cut out window accepted the patch very well and I removed the u shaped prong on the hop arm, and glued a flat block to give even pressure on the patch. The result was a jump in fps to 230 fps and much improved range, probably a useful 40 yards. For carrying I use a large Molle radio pouch which accepts all my larger sidearms even a TM MP7! The 100 round hi-caps seem to need winding after just a few rounds, this is also the same with the drum mag, however the low-caps feed perfectly every last round, presumably due to the extended follower. In summary I would say that this is a useful sidearm but not as powerful as claimed. In my case requiring work to enable it to be useable.

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